Thursday, February 9, 2012

From Bird Boopy Table, To Harlequin Table, To Whimsy Chalkboard Table!

Yeah, I know, I just showed this one to you this summer with a Harlequin stencil on it.  But know what?  I didn't have a spot for it, nobody wanted to buy it, and dog gone it, it sat in my basement and got a good beating from the kids playing down there.  So since I had chalkboard paint on my brush ANYWAYS.... (from some cool projects I'll be showing you soon!) I decided to take the chalkboard to it as well.  Let's look at it's history first:
My awesome neighbor picked it up for me for $5 at an auction.  Then it sat in my barn's extra storage room and got really bird poopy.  I had to scraaaaaaaape it all off.  Ummm gross.  Oh yeah, and get all those spider eggs off the bottom.  I'm terrified of those things.  It's like they're going to burst and thousands of baby spiders will suddenly fill the air (I've been traumatized ever since our teacher read us Charlotte's web in elementary.  Yeah, that's what I remember from that book!  How many thousands of spiders those eggs house!  Eeeeeeeek!!!!)
Then it looked like this, and I thought it was pretty cute!  But apparently, nobody else did, since I wouldn't even sell for a measly $12.
I know I've shared my chalkboard paint recipe a kazillion times on my blog, but just in case you didn't get in on it, it's dump a bunch of plaster of paris into your flat black paint (okay, so it's supposed to be 2 TBLS plaster to 1 cup paint, but I just dump, and try to overestimate on the plaster so it's thicker.)
And now we have a fun little chalkboard table!  I free handed some stripes on the legs to make it a little more interesting.  It looked a little too plain - CAN'T HAVE THAT - and I've been doing too much sophisticated looking stuff these days (okay maybe I haven't?), so whimsical it is.

Then I realized my "Little One" chair was the perfect fit -and how cool would this be for a little child's writing desk?  Not quite the same color, but pretty close!  Click HERE to see the before and after of the chair.

And since my house didn't suddenly grow another room and I STILL don't have anywhere to put this, cross your fingers for me that someone will want to buy it this time around!!! :)
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  1. Kammy, that's adorable!! Can't believe that didn't sell the first time! It shouldnt last long now!

    Cyndi @ bluestarantiques

  2. Wow! I would've bought it for $12.00! It looks great in the new version too!

  3. I love it both times actually. And just so you know I have pieces like that laying around my house too. My "walmart" pieces are the ones that prices keep dropping but no one will buy them ;(

  4. Oh!!! I would have LOVED that table for our baby room, I may have to copy the paint and go out looking for a small table! New version looks fun!

  5. that is so fun and dramatic! i love the chaklboard top!

  6. This is awesome! It is so pretty! I just started a new link party and would love if you would come on over and share your post or social media sites.



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