Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Pin Cushion

 So.  Yo.  If you're on Pinterest, how often do you pin stuff thinking you'll do it, but you know you probably never will?  I try to only pin things I know I really want to try and this pin cushion was one of them!  Aimee from Twigg Studios linked the original idea up on one of my early Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday link parties (What?!  You don't party with us on Tuesdays?  By George you better start!) and I loved it and pinned it.  Pinning for pins.  HAHA.  I'm lame.  You can view her's here, it's much more sophisticated looking than mine, but everything she does is much more sophisticated than what I do!  That woman is one whirlwind of creativity and craftiness.
So first I had this here sundae dish.  It actually had clear blue "rocks" hot glued around the top, covering the words.  Some sweet girls made it for me back in the day.  It's been sitting on a shelf in my bathroom and had layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of dust on it.  Oops, guess I need to get the whip out.  My husband's been slacking on his housekeeping duties.
Rummaging through my scraps of fabric, I found this.... and used a cool whip lid to draw a circle.  And then I used some tree trimming shears to cut it out.  Just kidding.
Sewed a stick around the outside...... uhhh stitch that is....

And pulled on one thread to pucker it up.  Reminded me of Granny's night cap from Little Red Riding Hood.  I read that story A LOT.  Something about big bad wolves that kids just love.  Because the other book I read A LOT is The Three Pigs.

Did I forget to mention spray paint?  Yeah, I had some cool colored spray paint and sprayed layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of it on to cover up those dark brown Hershey letters.  Then I got a bag of fluffy stuffing.  What's the technical term for that?  I don't feel like going to find the bag to look and I forget.
I stuffed Granny's bonnet as full as I could.....
And tried stuffing all the stuffing inside.  It didn't want to stay in there.  I used hot glue to secure granny's cap to the inside of the dish and burnt my fingers a few times.  Bad.

The kid's thought it was like a ton 'o fun to transfer all my pins from the old tomato pin cushion to the fancy new ice cream sundae one!  
Pin It
And there you have it!  I finally did a project that I "pinned"! :)  Thanks, Aimmee, for the inspiration!!!
And who knows?  Maybe if you share your trash 2 treasure idea here on Kammy's Korner I'll love it, pin it, steal your idea, craft from the inspiration, and blog about it!

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  1. Very cute pin cushion! I would love it if you linked up at my party going on now! (It's my very first one!!)



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