Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Hello From Brett!

Hello followers of Kammy's Korner.

Got in on the little two year old's Bumble Bee party.
bee on left is Kammy, bee on right is Brett.
My name is Brett Snyder, I warn you all I failed Rhetoric II in college and had to retake the class. Thankfully i got a D the second time and was able to move on.  Let me start by saying I am from Iowa, born and raised; Go Hawkeyes!  Karly (Kammy's sister) and I made the 7 hour drive to Michigan to visit Kammy, her wonderful kids, and her Korner.  This is my first trip to Michigan and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  She has taken care of me as I have high-jacked her three year old's bed each night.  I arrived Friday night and will be heading back to Hawkeye country tomorrow.  She has shown me the progression of her Korner, which started in a workshop the size of a chicken coup.  She has now moved the Korner to a literal corner of her house as well as the entire bottom level of her red barn giving me a genuine slice of Michigan Americana.  Kammy's literal corner in her house is full of mostly finished projects she has painted.  Her barn is another link in the chain full of old chairs, desks, and tables with tremendous amount of potential.  Kammy's latest adventure involves a college and 44 chairs that needed a new home.  Any restaurant owners need a new set of seating? Today we unloaded the chairs and they sit waiting for a new home, and perhaps a refurbishing.
What's that?  Free Chairs?  How many will fit?
Meeting Michiganders!


  1. Those chairs would make cute dining room chairs.

  2. Alright Kamy... Wanna send 8 of those chairs back with Brett and Karly to give to me or are you going to rival the "Mart of Doom" and try to go for a million chair hoard in your barn? LOL What in God's name are you going to do with all those chairs???? LMBO

  3. Oops... Spelled Kammy wrong. Stupid keyboard. HA HA HA


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