Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mom's Easy "Frame Antiquing" method - with a peek in the past.

Yes, there she is.  Spunky, mischievous, and adorable.  My mom.  This post is about the frames, however the pictures in them make this post extra sweet to me. :)
So my mom's energy is never-ending.  Like seriously.  She harasses me constantly for spontaneously deciding to accomplish a big project right before some big happenin', but that is exactly what she did when we were home visiting over the Christmas holiday.  It was the morning of her big New Years party and suddenly she decides all the frames in her bedroom need to be painted white and antiqued.  NOW.  Not like we had a ton of food to prepare, or a house to clean, or three little munchkins that needed tending to.....  Here is some of the stash all painted white.  And how - easy as 1,2,3 - she gave them the "aged" look.
 1. Dip paint brush in black paint.
 2. Dip paint brush in brown paint. 
 3. Brush on.  Yikes.
 4. Dip paint brush in water and brush some more...
5. Get it into all the grooves and brush it in real good.
 6. Let dry and hang back up on the wall, sit back and admire your work.  NO - no time for admiring!  On to the next project before 50 people invade the house in 2 hours!
Aside from that crazy head piece, you were a GORGEOUS bride, Mom.  Dad, I'm glad your eyes went under the laser and you started pumping some iron. ;)  I love you both!!!
Some of these pictures I've never seen the house without.  Somehow they bring a feeling of comfort.  It wouldn't feel like home if I walked in one day and couldn't find these same old pictures Mom has had up  for the last 30+ years.
Kimberly Snyder and Scott Hayes as seen in the 50's.  Don't the old photos look PERFECT in the antiqued frames?
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  1. Oh, this is wonderful! How do I love old frames and old pictures! You guys did an excellent job on the frames. Gorgeous!

  2. Your Mom sounds a lot like me. I have a 5 1/2 foot wreath painted on my living room ceiling. I had cleaned the house the day before Thanksgiving and had the turkey in the oven, a tradition, since it frees up oven space the day of for other things. Then all you have to do is warm the turkey and no mess since it's already off the bone, but I digress. I fall on the sofa exhusted from cleaning and look up at the ceiling and decide it's just too plain painted white. I get a string and pencil out. Tie the string to the fixture and draw a five and a half foot circle on the ceiling after getting out a tall ladder (10 foot ceilings) and moved the furniture out of the way. I then painted a wreath that you can see on my site (living room house tour tab). Half way through, I thought, What happens if this doesn't work out with people coming and no white paint to fix any mistakes. It worked out.

  3. I need to clarify.... my picture is from the early 60's!!I love you ,Kammy!

  4. Wonderful memories for you and your Mum and set off beautifully in the frames...


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