Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guest post by MY DAD! Hey Dad, I "need" a patio buffet table...

Well, Kammy has harrassed me about writing about this stupid table long enough.  I might as well get it over with.  It is very cheap, cause that it is how Kammy is.  It is very simple, because that is how I am.  It reminds me of my grandson Ty, just sitting in the corner, waiting for the next big happening.

The lumber was salvaged from the original deck a few years back, and I have been snagging pieces from the pile ever since.

Arriving from Iowa, this is is what I am greeted with.  The patio has been torn up because of the addition,and also the end of the new wall!  All that work from me, The Dad Man, and it did not even last 6 months before changes have to be made.

Like I said, quite simple.  Four deck boards wide bolted to three sets of 2x4 X legs.  It still needs some lateral bracing to be added in this picture to keep it from colapsing end to end.

The table sitting back against the house, patiently waiting for the next big birthday party.  The rest of the patio sits holding its breath, wondering what the next job change order will be and when I'll get the call from Michigan to get on that.

Even some of my work dosen't look too bad with a big enough table cloth and a few flowers thrown in.
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Thanks, DAD!!!!  Loved having you on the Korner today! :)  Oh, and the tablecloth was a 50 cent garage sale find.  Thought I should make sure ya'll knew that! :)  Have a great Memorial Weekend, everyone!!!!!

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  1. Happy Memorial Day to you too Kammy and your precious dad!!!

  2. What a special place--and how precious that your dad made your table and even posted about it! I noticed what looks like a Bible verse painted on the side of your shed--is that what it is and if so, which verse? Just curious. :) I really like that idea.

  3. I loved this post! Your dad seems like a sweetheart and a man with a great sense of humor. How blessed you are in him! BTW, also love the buffet and your new patio. And the Scripture verse on your shed.

  4. Love it. Today a tablecloth, tomorrow a chair slipcover, curtain, or face/background for a clock; ya never know with you!

  5. Love it so much! It looks beautiful on your new patio! Your Dad did and awesome job!

  6. perfect on your patio! love the X base!

  7. I have patio envy!! Love all that you did...great job...

  8. Wish I had a Dad like you! I think it looks great as does the patio.

  9. What a fantastic buffet table! Your dad did an amazing job and I'm having some serious patio envy right now. LOL! Love your blog! :-)

  10. What a great idea! We need a permanent fixture like that on our patio instead of toting a table outside and back in for each event!!! Your dad is so handy!

  11. aww how sweet to have your dad posting. And how wonderful to have him around to help you out. I miss my dad so much...

  12. You did a great job on the post and the table DAD.. :-) But, most impressive is the relationship between you and your daughter. Obviously love abounds on both sides. A happy morning read for me. Thanks!

    Have a great weekend,

  13. Love it! Curious about the Bible verse (I think it's a Bible verse) on your garage, or maybe it's a shed, wall. I like that idea. Did you freehand it, stencil?

    What an awesome Dad you have!


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