Sunday, June 10, 2012

Perfect Wavy Hair with NO HEAT!

Okay long-haired  Hippies  Ladies, listen up if you like this look!  Here's how to get it,  quick and easy without frying your locks with heat or fancy tools.

1.  Wash it.
2. towel dry and put some gel in it.
2. Air dry or blow dry until almost dry.  Like.... 95% dry.
3. Gather up 1/3 of your hair on the top and braid it straight up like a unicorn horn.  Nice and tight braid.  Braid all the way till the very end, as far as you can and rubber band it.  (Those little non-slip baby ones work the best!)
4. Split the back in two and braid those the same.
5. Dance around the house, swinging your braids like crazy so your kids think you're a total weirdo  totally awesome.
6.  Wake up, unbraid the braids, shake your head a little and use a little Big, Sexy, Hair hairspray where needed. Do not brush or comb unless you want a major amount of frizz-age.
7.  Feel like a rockstar.
My 4 year old was my photographer....  yes I'm sitting on his little Harley trike!  He insisted.  :)

I think I see photographer in Ty's future!!! 

 p.s. I use a clip to keep my bangs in place while I sleep otherwise they'd be all over creation when I woke up  and I'd be scaring people away for miles.

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  1. Very pretty, Kammy! Love this look. I'll have to try it. I used to do a French braid and had that look for one day, then I'd sleep on it, take the braid out and have wavy hair the next. When it is humid out, it is like a lost cause to even try blow drying my hair. Lately I just put it up with a butterfly clip while wet and let it dry naturally. I do have a natural wave, so I get a mix of waves and curls when I do that.

  2. It looks beautiful and your son does have talent with the camera. Maybe this will get him interested in photography at an early age.

  3. You're such a cutie patootie!


  4. I think you look marvelous! And just so you know I'll try this on Ashley tonight and tell you what it looks like tomorrow :)

  5. Kammy I love the look and I can't believe your 5yr old took the picture!

  6. How AND your long hair!

  7. So cute! My hair is shorter, but I'm going to try this anyway!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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