Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outdoor "Rug" Painted On Cement

Don't forget to wipe your feet off on the "rug"!! ;)

Read on to see how I painted mine:
When I tried to "fix" the peeling floor a few years ago with gray cement paint... it just ended up looking worse.  Not only was the green peeling underneath it (since I didn't take  the time to get it all off) but the gray also peeled and then I had a big ugly eye sore!  This picture shows how my front porch has looked for the last few years.  Yes years.  Embarrassing.   Kammy from Kammy's Korner has the worst front porch on our country road.  
I tried a steel brush, scraper, paint stripper, a power washer (which didn't have a whole lot of power apparently), and acid to try and get the paint layers up.  This was the best I could get it.  You don't even WANT to know how many hours I spent just to get it to look like that!  Man o' man.
I got some Valspar Cement and Porch floor paint at Lowes tinted Honeypot - the same as my shutters (which I have yet to show you!) and gave the whole porch floor two coats using a roller.  Then I waited about a week, wondering where and how exactly I was going to paint my "rug".  One day it came to me - a runner!!!!  From the door down the step!  Yes! Within a matter of 15 minutes, I had it taped off and supplies ready.  This wouldn't have been possible if my right hand girl, Rebecca, hadn't been visiting for the week!  She loved to pitch in and help with all my creative endeavors.  Then again, so does my six year old, but ya know. 
I cut my chevron stripe onto a hunk of cardboard, without measuring or anything.  Just drew it on and cut it out.  Then I traced the lines out onto the floor.
And there she is, painting the aqua stripes.  I used the exterior Valspar paint I had left over from the doors but somehow it kind of looks more light blue on the floor.  Oh well...  Sigh.....  I also happened to have some gray floor paint that I picked up at a garage sale once.  Had no idea if it was still good or not.  Wow, sure didn't look like it when I opened it.  But I stirred and stirred and then rolled it down the driveway a few times and guess what?  Good as new!! :)  And it for those of you who say you can do oil based on latex and vice versa?  Well, gasp, I did.  I just hate how long oil based paint takes to dry.  That's a pain.  But, it worked just fine.  So there. :)
I used a cheapy stencil I had to border the rug.  I hadn't planned on doing an edge, but it looked super unfinished without it.
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And now I promise - the next post about my porch will be the full reveal!!!!  Because....  I went a little crazy and painted some of my siding.  Well okay, crazy for ME, maybe not for some of you crazies out there. :)  Also, I had a rather could-have-been-really-really-bad accident while doing it.  Stay tuned...

Until next time, Happy Painting!!!  Enjoy this HOT, HOT weather!  I am!!!! WOOT WOOT!

To see the before and after swing pictured above, click HERE.

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  1. That is just so charming - the whole thing looks so inviting!
    Beautiful job Kammy!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! --- Come paint my front porch -- Gotta figure how to fix it first.

    Amy Turner

  3. Love the painted runner! So cute! That's endeavor.....

  4. This looks great. I love the rug.


  5. Love this!!! This came out fantastic!!

  6. How cool is this?!? It turned out great! I'm a big fan of painting concrete! I've done it twice so far and both times turned out great! Love that you took the chance and it paid off! Xo

  7. This is so fun, great job girl!!!

  8. Kammy, what a fantastic idea and it looks beautiful. I gave you a shout out on my FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/NorthShore-Days/235617543185297

    xxx Nat

  9. Your helper is ambitious. She could rent herself out for sure!


  10. Oh my gosh! I love this! You have a fantastic porch. I love what you did to the floor and the colors are fantastic. Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  11. Wow from yuckky to yummy. Love it.

  12. Very cool, So unique and creative!

  13. Adorable! What a great idea. It looks 1000x better!

  14. I'm loving this! It looks amazing and it adds so much jazz and character! Please come share this at our link party - "Home is Where the Heart is" http://www.homesteadsimple.com/home-is-where-the-heart-is-link-it-up-wednesdays-2/ Please feel free to link any other posts you'd like to share!

  15. What a cool idea! Love how it turned out - maybe this would be an idea for my garage!

  16. This is super cool! What a great idea for painting your porch. Thanks for sharing!

  17. What a seriously darling idea! A great fix!

  18. Fabulous and thanks so much for sharing! I just "pinned" it! -diane

  19. way cute,,,me no on chevrons...I like but not MR Kalamities...so I think I would do ....color blocks...no steps just a walk way with a curve...and lots of rock gardens....

  20. I love love love it! Way to go. And props for spontaneity! xoxo

  21. That looks AMAZING! There are so many possibilities. I'm thinking our front walk might need some polka dots. :) Thanks for the tutorial!


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