Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hiding Mistakes {Latest Signs}

My blond moment made this one of my favorite signs!  So yeah.  Those rolled fabric rosettes you see there?  They actually weren't originally intended for this sign.  You see, they are a result of this:
So rather than yanking out the little guys and trying to repair the damage... I decided to get crafty and just cover it up.  Pretty cute solution, I'd say!  Nobody will ever know......  except you of course.  Shhh!

And here are a few more I finished up this week on the wonderful cupboard doors a friend from the cheese state gave me.  I love it when people think of me before they get rid of their "junk"! :)
Since there was a hole on the cupboard doors from where the knobs had been, I figured it'd make a cute spot to hang something and for this one I used these curtain finials I got for 25 cents!  
I never go into Bed Bath and Beyond unless I see one of those extra 75% off bins.  Then it's usually well worth meandering into the store!

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Yeah, here's another attempt at hiding my mistakes.  Didn't get the spacing right on my words, so I tried to sneak in a few stencils to mask it.... not sure if it worked or not!  Oh well, we'll see if someone buys it, eh? :)

These are all for sale at Fabulous Darling in Brooklyn, MI.  Stop in if you're in the area!!
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  1. The best projects are the ones that don't turn out as planned. I learned that this week from a project I made! I LOVE your rosette sign!!! I am going to do that, mistake or not mistake. :)

  2. A little creativity can go a long way! Often a mistake makes a project unique =) xo Anja

  3. I love the rosettes, Kammy! They look like they were meant to be on there. I totally understand about hiding mistakes sometimes. I had to do the same thing on a little suitcase I just made over.

  4. Oh, I you know I am loving your rosettes on the adorable sign!! We both made the best out of a mistake this week! Oh, how I love it. :)

  5. Love your 'Blessed' Sign and your creativity! Found you @ Keeping it Simple.


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