Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wood Pitcher Decor Before and After

Whenever I've got some paint on my brush and a few spare minutes (as in, the kids are actually playing in the sandbox, together, in a friendly sort of way), I take a quick glance across the walls of my barn and find something that I can quick give a coat of paint to.  This wooden "pitcher" had gotten neglected long enough so it was his turn to get purdy.
 And actually, that was my first attempt to make it purdy, painting it black a few years ago and painting circles on it.  Well, that sure didn't go anywhere....
 I painted it with homemade white chalk paint, distressed it, and stenciled the letters on.  Then I put some polyacrylic on it too, since I already had some of that on a brush.  I cut a piece of old feed sack for the strip of fabric tied around the handle.  The feed sacks are from part of my $5 stash of junk I managed to acquire at someone's house last year:
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  1. I like the stenciling very much. Where/how will you use the wood pitcher? Is it a decorative item?

  2. Kammy you come up with the neatest ideas! I'll have to look thru GW with new eyes with all these ideas!

  3. Beautiful sign!!! Nicely done!! And God sure is in control!


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