Saturday, October 13, 2012

Debra's Design For Her Tween Niece

This summer, my friend Debra went home to Manitoba to visit her family and managed to nail this do-it-yourself-on-a-dime bedroom makeover (with help from her lovely sisters) for her tween niece.  I stole these photos off of her Facebook and had to share these fun ideas with you:
Love the flower painted on top of this little table!
fabric wall art
Funky and fun fabric recovered an old office chair.
Now tell me how cool that painted flower on the ceiling is?!  Being an anti-white ceiling kind of girl, this tickled me pink. :)  And yes, she says it's free-handed.
Flowers and stripe are hand painted on the wall.
Can you guess what lives in this fun fabric covered cabinet?!  It's not a hamster... 
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And now Debra has forsaken me and moved away from Michigan.... sigh.  But I have bits of her all over my house - the log lamp she and her hubby gave to me because they couldn't cross the border with it, the salmon we had for lunch today since I inherited her freezer food, the shirt I wore yesterday that she gave me before she left, the cozy candle that's burning in my kitchen I snagged from her junk pile....  yup, it's almost like she's still in my house!  But she's not, and I wish she was....  Miss you, Debra!!!


  1. Love this pink room!! and that ceiling is a Great Idea!! LOVE it!

  2. Wonderful room for a tween, so cute! I know you are missing Debra. She couldn't take her log lamp across the border?? How crazy is that?! Glad it has a good home.

  3. Love all the details and the creative ability shown in all her work..really a special room for a young woman...and I bet you are one sad gal, with out your freind close the post,and thank you

  4. What a fun and adorable room! I *love* the blue with the hot pink and green! I'm sorry that you're missing Debra, but I'm glad that you have so much of her around you to keep you company.

    And, pray tell, what exactly is living in the cupboard?!?


  5. It looks good. I like inspiration posts. The ceiling flower is particularly nice.

  6. What a darling room. I love the colors. What little girl wouldn't be happy here?


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