Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Den: Peek #1 before and after

Hey, it's Wednesday!!  Which means I can default to "Wordless Wednesday" and let my photos speak for themselves.  Now, if they really do talk, please go see my friend Natalie.  She helps people like you.

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  1. Much better. But the vases in the "before" are so gorgeous, I hope you still have them out to enjoy.

  2. Gor-gee-oh-so!!!

    Um, er, I am a dork. I check my Blogger Dashboard every day for new posts in the blogs I follow (they are posted to my account when they are posted in the blogs; no post, no Special Appearance in my BG), and I had begun to notice that there hadn't been any by you in weeks. Weeeeks.

    So I toddled on over to your blog and saw today's post; shocked, I went back to BD to click on your blog to see the date of the last one posted there. What???!!! NO KAMMY'S KORNER!!!??? How could this be??? I raced, not toddled, back to KK to "join" your blog again, knowing that Blogger would tell me, as it has done in the past, "You are already following this blog. Get lost." (All right, I made up the last sentence.) Nopers! Blogger told me that I was "now" following KK, congratulations, blah, blah, blah. What an idiot I am.: /

    But now I'm an Official Follower idiot, so all is well!: )


  3. On a far more serious note, I am so very sorry about your great-uncle Jim's passing. He sounded like a wonderful man, the kind whom every child (and adult) would love to have as an uncle. I know he will be missed, but he will live on in your many happy memories of him. May he rest in peace.

    Sending many (((hugs))) and prayers your way.


  4. Really love the difference! The after looks lovely!

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