Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Window: 1/2 Subway Art, 1/2 chalkboard

 I've had this old window all done for WEEKS, except for the subway art part.  I finally bought some big block letter stencils at Wal Mart (that is SO the way to GO, YO!) and decided it was time to tackle it.  I love stencils.  If you're a follower here on the Korner, that's old news.  But getting all those words in there the right way, somewhat straight, and well... it takes a lot of patience.  Especially with my two year old sitting in my lap and wanting to touch every. single. letter to see if it's dry.  She scribbled away on the chalkboard side for a little bit, but got bored with that.  MUCH more fun hearing Mommy freak out every time little fingers smear wet paint.

I have no plans when I start putting words on by the way.  In fact, I when I stenciled on the word "Let" at the bottom, I had just finished the "T" when my two year old hollered she had to go potty NOW.  When I came back, I couldn't for the life of me remember what I was going to "let"....  Let it snow?  Let it be?  Let by gones be by gones?  It came to me this morning and I was able to finish.  Wow.  That's me in a nutshell!
 And here's another little project I did with red and chalkboard paint: an ugly serving tray (So wish I had snapped a before pic - it was brown with gold flowers in the middle) and also since someone is bound to ask, the DIY chalkboard paint recipe!
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  1. Love that subway art! It's a great use for an old window.

  2. Kammy your chalkboard with subway art is wonderful. I really love the phrases you used...especially let your light shine ;) Glad you remembered!!!

  3. Very cool! I'd love to have you share at my weekend link party if you'd like:


    Thanks, Bobi

  4. so, so cute.... and I hear you on the little fingers in the paint! I have an 8 yr old, 4 yr old, and 17 month old, and the youngest 2 are always trying to get in the middle of everything!

    love your work, as always!

    Leanne @ Because (I Think) I Can

  5. Lovely phrase on the chalk board, cutie baby worked too nicely with his little finger, loved your arrangement.
    Astounding share!!!
    Bedroom Furniture

  6. ohhh, how I love your window project into the subway art and chalkboard! I have sooo many windows, not sure I have any that would be good for this though. super project!

  7. You did such a great job! I love the subway are and chalkboard together.

    And, it is good to hear that someone else has a little helper too! My daughter sounds just like yours, she is always by my side ready to..."help"!


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