Saturday, November 10, 2012

Add A Bow To The Chair!

 I know I just shared a similar chair last week, but it was aqua.  So this is just like, TOTALLY different.  And if you notice the seat?  Yeah, the other one wasn't raised like that.  And the bow?  Well, more about that later.  I painted this chair with my homemade chalk paint and sort of dry-brushed it on. 
 Can you believe I got these chairs for a buck a piece?! The chair was so rough it kind of just distressed itself.    I didn't even really need to sand much when I was done.  Just enough to make it smooth and not rough like DIY chalk paint typically leaves a surface.  I stenciled on the lotus stencil, I mean of course, what else would I use? and then gave it a clear coat of polyacrylic.  I thought I was done.  Then I saw something on Pinterest.  A bow tied on the back of a chair!! How cute.  Why don't I think of those cute things myself?   See my inspiration HERE.

Can anyone guess where I got that burlap fabric?  Cuz I didn't pay a dime for it.   Take a guess! :)

The one on the left sold today at the craft show.  Yay!
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'Twas a LONG day at the Western Craft Extravaganza today!  Most of the stuff that didn't sell in my booth I loaded up in my van and drove straight over to Fabulous Darling (Which, true to it's name, is FABULOUS, Darling!!).  So if you've seen anything on this blog from the last week or so that you'd just love to have or see or drool over or diss or whatever, head over to Fabulous Darling on the main drag in Brooklyn, MI.  There are some extremely talented artists in there selling there crafty handy work.  You won't be disappointed!!  Such an AWESOME boutique!!!  Oh, and this red chair ended up there, so if you like it then you best be gettin' over there! :)
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  1. I love this chair...wish I was closer to you..I would buy one from you. Just gorgeous!

  2. I have a chair I painted with a Santa on it that I haven't shared yet. I think it might need a bow! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you get to enjoy today's beautiful late Mi fall weather!!

  3. So cute! You got a great deal on the chairs, and turned them into something special.

  4. Another beautiful transformation!♥ I love that shade of red--it really highlights the detail on the spindles, as well as the raised seat panel. I bet it won't be staying at Fabulous Darling for long! xoxo

    P.S. Ok, spill it: Where did you come up with the burlap?!?

  5. Cute chairs and I like the owls in your den too-

  6. I love your chair! Just adorable! Would love if you could link this up to my party!
    Hope to see you there -
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  7. awesome!!!! love the color and love the stencil!!!! i need to paint a fun chair!


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