Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Batch of Signs

Seriously, Kammy?  MORE SIGNS?!  This is getting just as bad as the lotus stencil... speaking of the lotus stencil, I used it on one of these signs.  I can't help it.  With the craft open house happening here at Kammy's Korner headquarters (my home in hick land) last weekend, I was painting signs like a mad woman.  Here are a few of them for your enjoyment.

P.S.  I refer to this area as "hick land" lovingly.  

Yes, I realize that should have been "Git" to be grammatically redneck correct.  See Mom, I'm not a redneck.
This was originally a laminate floor sample.  So glad I rescued a stack of those from the burn pile!

Darn flash.  This was a kitchen cupboard door.  A friend gave me a stack of these and I'm sad to say I've done used 'em all up I think!
Hello Beautiful Clearance knobs from Hobby Lobby!  The screws stuck out about an inch in the back so I handed it to my dad and said "Take care of that."  He obeyed like a good Dad.
 And one more cupboard door sign for ya:
(with my beloved lotus stencil!)
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One of these days I'm going devote a whole post soley to projects I've done with the lotus stencil.  Just for you, Karen at Bargain-ista! :)
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  1. Hi Kammy, I love these latest signs you have made, and am particularly interested in the ones you created using scrap laminate flooring. I have quite a pile of the stuff, and am wondering how you were able to get paint to stick to such a shiny, slick surface? And did you do anything to the cushion which is adheared to the bottom of the boards? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Linda S. in NE

  2. Is there no end to your talent?! The signs are gorgeous! I love them all!♥ xoxo

  3. Yay! You know that stencil is one of my favorite things in this world! I can't help it! It's gorgeous!!! But I have to tell you that Hope sign makes my heart happy too :)

  4. Great work, really loved your blog, Nice work, the tiles are perfect and te carvings are too good to be appreciated.
    Wonderful laminated floor tiles!!!
    wood burning stoves

  5. Love your signs....I paint signs also....have sold quite a few of my "git her done".....

  6. Lots of great signs... you've been on a mission! I'm featuring you in the spotlight again!


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