Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ombre Wall and the Highly Anticipated "Sock Board"

So I've been just LOOOOOOOOOOOVING my new upstairs laundry room.
  It was time to stop ignoring the fact that I still haven't painted the new drywall!!!!!
Yes, I had primed it - over a year ago!  I mean, nobody really saw it but me and Ty, since he walks through this little hallway to get to his room.  There's just always been something more important to paint.

I finally got down to business when the two youngest munchkins headed to Iowa to visit Grandpa and Grandma for a week. 

 So let me take you back to what I was using just
 TWO years ago!!!!  

What a sick disaster.
  It was sort of a lean-to type laundry room.  It was freezing cold, was always filled with bugs, and so tight that while I was pregnant, I could hardly manage to get to the washing machine.  This is the room we tore off and where our addition starts.  Okay, not "we", Nowicki Contracting did that for us.  The man behind that operation had the most genius ideas ever for our addition.
So to make my version of an 'ombre' wall, I dug out almost every shade and mistint of blue/green/turquoise that I could find.  Lucky for me, I have loads of paint on hand.  My friend Sarah has this hubby who doesn't see the need in keeping "junk" and was looking of a way to unload all his unused paint.  Luckily, Sarah knows me well enough to know I'd be thrilled with all his paint waste.  They came in handy for this project!
And well, since I always prepare so well for projects, that little strip of painters tape was the only strip of painters tape I had in the house.  Or barn.  Or chicken house.  Or silo, mailbox, garage, swing set - I searched everywhere, sure that I had another roll somewhere... but I'm not one for running to the store, so I just kept reusing that one not-so-long piece.  It wasn't very sticky by the time I got to my third stripe and I had to go with brown polka dot packing tape.  It worked.
And now what's this, you say?
 A scrap of red painted wood, pulled from the barn during it's little re-do, that I rescued from the burn pile.  Finally, I have a use for it!  A missing sock board!!
I just dry brushed on some DIY white chalk paint (white paint with some plaster of paris stirred in) and then sanded a little off the edges to make the red show through.  I stenciled on my letters and glued on my clothes pins.
 Want me to let you in on a little secret on how to age your clothes pins? 
Leave them outside on your clothes line for about five years.  After that time is up, they should be aged and distressed to perfection. :)

Hello Kammy's version of an "Ombre Wall" 
and the sock board I've been dying to own!
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  1. LOOOOVVVEE that Hombre wall and the sock sign is precious!! As always you're wonderful Kammy!! :)

  2. LOVING THE SIGN!! looks great :) You do such a fantastic job and have such a God given creative mind!

  3. That looks great, Kammy! What a great area to do a fun wall like that, too.

  4. That sock board is a GREAT idea. I'd definitely have to add more clothes pins, though. lol

  5. That is a seriously cute paint job, love the sock board. Can't believe you used the same tape strip the whole time. So funny! =)

  6. What a fun post... you're such a hoot, Kammy! You're also a genius with a paint brush (and one measly strip of painter's tape)! And I love the missing sock board... such a clever idea! xoxo

  7. I just LOVE your obmre wall! It looks like a big paint chip! Only you could do a whole ombre wall with one tiny piece of painters tape :D


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