Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finished Basement Peek {Ladder Magazine Rack}

It SO WONDERFULLLLLLL having a finished basement!!!!  After putting up with just a tiny hole of a dungeon Michigan basement for years, I'm so thankful I don't have to be scared to go downstairs when a tornado warning is in effect!  No way would I go down there before!  Someday I'll have to show you a pic of that really frightening place.  It's still there, and I can go in almost just fine now, but it's because I feel I'm just a few steps from "safety" aka the new basement!  Phew!  It's even more wonderful now to have a place to send the wild kids and all their toys!  Woo hoo!!!! Before, I was nervous a rat might just swallow my two year old in one gulp.

Yes, that futon really is that bright orange.  I love it!  Totally contemporary and unlike the majority if my house.  We bought it about  a year or so ago at a Resale shop.  It was brand new, a floor display at Target, and it folds down into a bed.  Exactly what we wanted!  Were we out looking for one?  Nope.  Anyways, I love lots of styles.  But I still had to add an element of rustic... so in comes the ladder!
In the days ahead, I'm going to share all the ladders that have been popping up into my house.  Now that the Jackson Resale Factory has closed it's doors though, I'm not sure where I'm going to find these for such a good deal! :(
This is actually Taffy's quarters.
I had to pay her to snap this photo.
  She'll only let you have a seat if you scratch her under her collar. 

Love having my mom's original art work!
 If you didn't think she was awesome before, how about now?! :)
This was one of my Christmas presents a few years ago.

I really dislike white ceilings, so for the basement I taped off about a foot all the way around the ceiling and painted it a deep red/orange.  
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  1. It looks gorgeous Kammy!!!
    Loving the orange - it doesn't look like a " basement " at all!

  2. You're right that doesn't look like it was taken in your house but I love it!

  3. Love! Your mom's artwork is GORGEOUS! Fun room, it has a cool "studio" vibe to it :)

  4. I am a ceiling painter too!!! Love it! I can't wait for ours to be done!

  5. I know all about Michigan basements, and you certainly made yours look fabulous! I love the magazine rack and your mom's artwork!

  6. looking really good! I love how it makes the room look taller by putting that 1 foot trim up there. Great job! Side question: I am new to the world of basements, and in our new house, we have a downstairs room that is on the ground floor, and would be more considered a basement. It's winter, it's cold and damp but - how do you deal with the SMELL!? I've heard from others that it's normal basement smells. It goes away if I heat it up and leave the dehumidifer going, but I wanted to use it as a guest space. Having to do so much work before a guest needs to stay is NOT cool so I moved the guest space upstairs & down is an office. but still.... the earthy damp smell. What do all of you with basements do??? THanks :D

  7. First of all I'm now following your blog. I love this space and the mix of the rustic ladder with the modern futon. And that ceiling is just fantastic! Such an awesome idea to tape of the border.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness! I just love your orange couch!!! And that ladder is fabulous. Job well done. Enjoy your new space. :)

  9. Looks amazing! I love the idea of the colored ceiling. My husband is hard at work finishing our basement right now too. Unfortunately, he's not into the crazy colors, but I'm trying!

  10. OoOoOhhh! SO bold and I love it!

  11. I love it! Totally contemporary and unlike the majority if my house.


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