Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gorgeous Old Window, Step Ladder, and Neighbor Grandpa

I rearranged my living room furniture a few months ago which left his empty corner that nothing seemed to look right in.  I think I finally have it looking right.  And since two of my obsessions are old ladders and windows, then this shouldn't surprise you too much! :)
So let me tell you where I got those old windows.  It all began when I happened upon the Jackson Resale Factory one innocent day.  These windows totally caught my eye, but they wanted much more than I was willing to hand over. (Probably $20 each or so).  I kept going back to the store every couple of months to check things out and those windows were always there.  I couldn't believe it.  Finally they said I could have them for just $5 each!  Good things really do come to those who wait!  Now fast forward to yesterday.  The same place, a place I've come to know and love *sniffle, sniffle* shut it's doors.  Everything on Saturday was FREE FOR THE TAKING.  Doors opened at noon.  I called my junkin' buddy Marie, but she was knee-deep in a kitchen makeover for her daughter-in-law.  Hmmmm...  I'll see if my "neighbor grandpa" wants to come with me!  He's fun to have around and probably needs to get out of the house.  I called and asked if he could be over in 10 minutes. 

Not sure he'll ever agree to such a thing again...

So after we got all the free stuff my truck could handle, it was time to head out.  I turn the key and nothing.  Nada.  Just a click. A nice lady let us use her jumper cables.  Neighbor Grandpa said they were weak and worthless, we needed heavy duty ones!  Got those.  Didn't work.  Men came by and hammered on the starter, and tried all sorts of things.  My truck has no heat, by the way.  I was so desperately cold by this point that I jumped in the vehicle next to us to get warmed up.  You should have seen the stunned look on those guys' faces!  Don't tell my mom.  You'll do anything when it comes down to facing toe amputation or hanging with strangers on the East side.  Long story short, Triple AAA got us moving and to try to make up for all the ridiculousness of the afternoon I was going to take Neighbor Gpa through the drive-thru for a coffee (since we couldn't shut the truck off or it would never start again) but we had our junk piled so high we couldn't make the 9 foot clearance and nearly pulled the sign down! Our afternoon together ended with me bashing him in the head while I was unloading the truck and I haven't seen him since.  I nearly peed my pants from laughing.  Who laughs when they hurt someone?  I get that trait from my mom.  Boy, I hope she's not reading this!
Pretty sure I also picked this ladder up at the same place for $5.
  Neighbor Grandpa had my back then too, and "sturdied" it up for me.
I never really intended to bring it in to my home, it was part of my display at a craft show originally.
When I finally brought them home last fall....  yes there is paneling in one of the panes.  Who cares?

The old farmhouse painting is one of my mom's originals from way back.  I wish there was a date on it, but there's not.   I'm sure I could sell it for big money to an antique dealer.  Okay, maybe not.

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Since I'm not sure  my neighbor Grandpa will ever want to join me again for such an adventure, can I call YOU next time the junk stores are calling my name?? 

On second thought, I don't think he's had that much fun since I smuggled him cookies into the hospital after his gall bladder surgery...  I just might finally have myself a junkin' buddy.

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  1. I'm totally envious of your haul...not the truck problems tho!! Cute set up - love the blue, painting , old photo...well gosh...EVERYTHING!

  2. I love your ladder and the color. I had a short red ladder in my living room but it got bumped to the front porch and looks good there.

    I would love to have someone to go junkin' with. None of my friends is into it. That's why I blog - to read about and get ideas for decorating since none of my friends are into it.

  3. I laughed a lot reading your post. Thank you, Kammy

  4. It sounds like you had quite an adventure, Kammy! Love the arch top to those windows!

  5. haha love this entry... oh your adventures! You can call me! ;)

  6. Awww, so neat that you have such a great Neighbor Grandpa!

  7. What an awesome post and haul!! Sure did put a smile on my face and Grandpa so deserves a big hug!!!!! So glad everything worked out and love that ladder!!

  8. Love the ladder and the windows are awesome. Love your story too. I do think you have a junkin' buddy! Such fun!

  9. I'm bummed that I missed the free for all Saturday but Ryane had a project in the Knowledge Fair and I had a photo shoot! I bet there was a lot of great stuff!! I really want some old windows but haven't found any for a decent price. :(

  10. I love how this arrangement looks in your home. I've been searching Craigslist for an old wooden ladder so I am a wee bit jealous. Thanks for sharing your haul and your story. Blessings, Patti@OldThingsNew

  11. I love that ladder! The color is just the most perfect blue! Thanks for sharing Kammy! ~Tammy

  12. What a beautiful vignette Kammy as always!!!
    That ladder is just perfect - and the frame is awesome...................
    I may just come by every week and copy every thing you do actually lol

  13. What a great little the color of the ladder and the pillows!


  14. You are one sweet girl to bring your neighbor Grandpa in on your adventures. Or was he sweet for going along? Not sure. Whichever it was, it sounds like you both got more than you bargained for, but you made some good memories in the process. I enjoyed reading the tale of your day.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  15. Fun story, and I love how the ladder/window finishes out that corner--lovely! Great color on the ladder... Have a great weekend, and take it easy on Neighbor Grandpa! :-)

  16. OMG girl, you are a hoot! You better check up on him, you may have given him a concussion teehee. Patty/BC

  17. Kammy, I'd like to borrow your Neighbor Grandpa sometime...I have lots of little things that need fixin'! Your ladder vignette is lovely. The yoyo garland adds the perfect pop of color! Thanks for allowing me to use the images....I will do just that!

  18. Oh my! I laughed hard at your fabulous story! and your room looks so fabulous! I love the colors and the shape of that window is indeed amazing... :)
    Can I move in?

    hugs x

  19. How funny! I just set an old ladder up for my mom on her patio. We put plants all over it. Yours is darling!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. Thanks for the laugh. Love the color you painted the ladder and the vintage vignette you created is just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing,

  21. Kammy...loved reading about your junkin adventure! What a day. I went junkin with my dad every Saturday morning when I was a young girl and now my youngest daughter (she's 27) and I head out together...we have so much fun! I'm so glad your neighborhood Grandpa could go along...perfect friendship!

    Have a great Sunday!
    June :)

  22. Looks great!! Love the story...I want a "neighbor Grandpa"!! Too cute :)


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