Monday, February 25, 2013

Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday and Neighbor Grandpa's Side of the Story

Happy Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday you amazing, creative people!

So if you were here on the Korner yesterday and read about my junkin' adventure with the neighbor grandpa, then you might be amused to know that he had another tale to tell. I decided to be fair and let him tell HIS SIDE OF THE STORY!!!

So here's his version, in his own words:
(He actually texted this to me six minutes ago, just in time for the post!)

"I would like to explain Kammy's idea of a good time.
Actually, a lesson to be learned on how to become a pack-horse in mere minutes.
I asked for a break but that fell on deaf ears.
After fighting off fatigue and shortness of breath,
she accidentily hit me with a chair (I think).
During the race-track trip to the hospital, my face was bleeding profusely so I asked for a kleenex but she replied that kleenexes aren't to be wasted and to just stick my head out the window.  Also to make sure not to get any blood on the outside of the car.  With my blood-soaked socks, I plodded into the hospital where I was given forty stitches."

So who's version to believe?!!! :)
*He has informed me that flowers and cards are welcome.

On to some features for this week!

The Post With The Most goes to:

Is this crazy or what? Who does this?! I was desperate!
Confessions of a Serial DIYer destoryed her sectional so it wasn't so awkward.  Oh my word, I can't believe I started typing "killer" instead of DIYer!  Glad I recovered my typo before this went public!  Anyways, I would NEVER have the guts to do what this Serial DIYer and her hubby did!!!!

This is a before and after to behold!  Morning by Morning Productions saw beauty in the scary, and made that beauty a reality.
 You MUST click over to see this!!!!

And as if I needed another reason to save/hoard old t-shirts,
Tymes Past used them to make a rug!  Awesomeness.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my crazy adventure in Sectional Surgery! You made my day:)

    XO, Christy

    Confessions of a Serial DIYer

  2. Hope I impress you with my makeovers!! Oh and I love how dramatic Grandpa is, he's precious!!

  3. I love Neighbor Grandpa's version of the story! Made me laugh at the end of the day. :)

  4. Ah ha ha ha, I think grandpa neighbor needs to be a regular feature!


  5. Oh my, I guess neighbor grandpa deserves something for his version of the story - hahaha!!!

  6. Kammy, you're not supposed to work the help TO DEATH!
    It makes it hard to LURE more in!

  7. Hope you like the mini shelf unit I added sorry there are no before pictures but I hope you get the idea from my description!
    Alyson :o)

  8. All I can say is BAHAHAHAHA!!! Poor Grandpa, he is a keeper for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Neighbor Grandpa, you remind me of my friend's husband. Her DH is so excited and intent on getting the mail every day, my friend says, "If I was injured and laying on the kitchen floor, my DH would come home for lunch and upon seeing me, would say, "Oh No, Lookout honey, you're getting blood all over the mail"!! None the less, you sound like a wonderful neighbor, and all us commenters are just jealous of Kammy.

  10. Just for the record I too am very intent on getting the mail!!


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