Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easy Easter Bunny Cake

To make this super easy bunny cake, I used two strawberry cake mixes, separated into one large cookie sheet (jelly roll pan) and two spring form pans.  The spring form pans make it a snap to remove the cakes.

Okay, a few disclaimers for starters:
#1.  I got this idea on Pinterest.  I went back to give credit to the originator and I had repinned it from someone who did not site the where it originated so I AM SO SORRY!  I get annoyed with irrisponsible pinners, but I don't think they usually do it on purpose.  If this is your idea, let me know and I'll give you the credit!
#2.  Cake decorating is definitely not my forte.  
I can never get smooth frosting, and don't even ASK about the big "melted" looking blotches on my poor bunny rabbit's face!  OKAY?!

Click HERE to see more details of this Dollar Tree Birthday Party.
The thrilled little birthday girl!
I told you not ask about his cheeks.
So don't bother, I won't answer. :)

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  1. if you freeze your cake a little then zap the icing for 2 or 3 seconds, it will spread better. also you need something with a narrow edge to smooth it out with. i decorate cake at a store bakery and always say it's only cake and it tastes great!

  2. The originator of this cake pattern was the Baker's Coconut company. I made this cake in 1981. The original pattern appeared in magazine a long time ago.

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  4. Someone already said this was in a magazine long ago, so I wanted to share a funny story. When my older sister was in 2nd grade, she volunteered for our mother to bake a bunny cake for the class's Easter party. At that time Mom was a SAHM of 3 & possibly expecting our younger brother, in addition to being a very active volunteer at church, while our father traveled 4-5 days a week. Mom wasn't happy that my sister hadn't asked her first, but found instructions for making a bunny cake either in a magazine or on a package of Baker's coconut. The cake turned out well & won lots of praise, but after that episode Mom instructed us NEVER to volunteer her for a project without asking HER first! :-)


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