Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Evolution of a Corner {before and after}

Would you like to see the progression of a certain corner of my house?
In this case, the Northwest corner of my house to be exact?
Here are just three photos in chronological order. 
There maybe have been a few looks in between!

Oh I know you're totally diggin' that wallpaper border.  And yes, that is a Machete hanging on the wall.  Bought in Guatemala and I'll use it on you if you look scary and knock on my door!  Or probably just call the neighbor...

Someday I need to show you the whole room!Not just a corner.
  How about I do the cool thing most bloggers do and give you a home tour?  Wow, that's asking a lot! :)  But someday...
What do you think?  Would you like a home tour?
I might need to hire every Merry Maid in the state of Michigan first...
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  1. That is a true transformation and its beautiful.WOW great job!Good choice of colors.


  2. I love the progression.....it takes time to learn!

    Britt @ Creating Space for Five

  3. Yup, great improvement! Would love a house tour!

  4. Oh so very pretty!!!!!! Would love to see a home tour!!!!

  5. That redo is fabulous. Love that console table seriously love it!!!

  6. LOVE! Talk about the perfect purple! Found you through my friend Stacey at Rendition Road...your newest GFC follower. :)



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