Friday, April 12, 2013

Mother/Daughter Sparkly Stripes

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Beth Fisher, my wonderful friend and cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing) gives me the best gifts.  For my birthday this year, along with some beloved dark chocolate, she gave me a pack of spray on glitter fabric paints.  How fun!  Then just a couple weeks later, another friend gave me a sack of hand-me-downs for my little girl.  In it was a plain, gray sweatshirt. Yay - a blank slate! I cut the neck off so it didn't look so... sweat-shirty... and Tori  picked gold and pink for the stripes (There is also silver and blue in the pack).  Then I dug out an old white shirt and made one to match!  Nothing too special, but we had fun doing it together and she thinks it's neat when we wear our matching shirts. :)

We both got a little impatient with the drying process and whipped out the hair dryer.

 My stripes seem to get lighter towards the bottom - guess I didn't get it sprayed on as heavily down there.  Oops.  It does take a lot of paint to be noticeable.  Sometimes it came out a little clumpy, as you can see where it looks like I spilled my oatmeal on myself, but really it's just where I forgot to rub it in with my finger - which is what I tried to do when it came out to thick in one spot.

 You know Grandma Kim was probably visiting if Tori's hair is in two braids.  You think she'd sit still long enough for Mommy to ever be able to do that?!  Pshhhh.
 "What?!  A picture with JUST Tori?  We don't think so...."
Sorry boys, no glitter striped shirts for you!

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  1. So cute Kammy. I love twin looks with my girls also. You have a beautiful family <3

  2. Oh my this is absolutely adorable!!!!

  3. Sooo cute and loved how she helped out! Precious picture with all the kiddos, they are growing so fast!...and to think last year this time we were talking about potty training - SHHEEESH!!!

  4. Very cute! Cute blog too, I think I'll follow, found you from someday crafts party

  5. Love this project - this would be so great for me and my girls to do together! I also kind of dig that the stripes get lighter at the bottom of the shirt - gives it that great ombre effect. So cute!

    I'd love for you to share this with us at Living Well Spending Less today in our Thrifty Thursday link party!


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