Saturday, May 18, 2013

Meeting Little Prairie Girl! {Barn Sale}

I believe it was through my friend Laura from Our Prairie Home that I first got connected via blogland to Natalie Meester.  It's a small world out in rural Iowa where I'm originally from, and turns out we have quite a few mutual friends/acquaintances.  Though she hasn't even been having these "barn sales" for a year, they are already "the popular place to go!" Even my dad was amazed at the amount of traffic heading down the gravel road, women flocking to Natalie's barn to buy what only a man could refer to as "junk".  Ohhhhh I love me some good junk and couldn't wait to visit Iowa on a weekend of one of her famous "Barn Sales".   I've been dying of envy ever since I first heard of what she was doing.  It's been a dream of mine for a long time to open up my barn and sell my "junk".  Unfortunately, it's my dream and nobody else's around me! :)  I might come across as "She-man" on here but... uhh, well, errrr.....  

My mom, sister, and I left the kids in the attentive care of the men and headed out to the country to where "Little Prairie Girl" is located.  We weren't actually sure where her farm was, but there was no need to worry.  We just followed all the cars and the cloud of dust heading down the gravel road!  I couldn't believe the amount of people there.  And stuff!  Awesome stuff!  Everywhere you looked - the junk and eye candy and repurposed awesomeness was overwhelming!!!!  I had only seen a small thumbnail picture of Natalie aka The Little Prairie Girl and was searching every face of those I thought looked "in charge".  I finally found her and we got a picture taken together (of course, what good blogger doesn't get a photo with one of their junkin' hero's??)
Natalie the Little Prairie Girl on the left and yours truly on the right.

Unfortunately, I brought my less than stellar camera with me and had a hard time getting photos, so excuse some of the quality of these pics but I hope you can see some of this super great creativity housed in this huge, old, Iowan barn. (So sorry to some of you vendors that I couldn't upload all the photos.  I had so many things I wanted to include, but many of my photos just didn't turn out.  *Sniffle, sniffle*.


Loved this striped table!  
And check out those letters closely - can you tell what they are made out of??

 Modge Podged shoes!!

A shot of the hayloft.  Loved all the lights strung up! 
Also upstairs there was lunch and coffee served for a super great price.

And look who else I found in a 
corner upstairs - Stews (on the left)!

 Who doesn't do a little "awwwww" when they see
 these little baby goats outside?

 Out in the machine shed was some awesome shabby goodness.  The woman running this area thought I looked familiar.  Come to find out we were neighbors when I was a kid and her daughter rode the bus with me for a year.  I remember her being a feisty little kindergartner.  She was sure she wasn't. ;)   Anyways, here's some of the great stuff I found in Melanie Englelkes's treasures:

 While there is no way I could choose a "favorite item" out of the thousands of amazing things for sale, this "WE DON'T DIAL 911" has got to close to the top!!  I have a neighbor (ahem... Shane...) I should have bought this for... :)


  1. Oh I am so jealous! Looks like so much cool stuff to see. What fun!

  2. Are any of these items available for purchase online? Etsy shop?? Or, telephone number to purchase? Thanks!!!


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