Friday, May 3, 2013

My Work Space {Barn}

 At one time....
back in an earlier part of this century, this beautiful old barn wasn't so beautiful.  (Click HERE to see the transformation of the outside). One of the corners inside looked like this:

 After some help from two crazy Iowan Uncles and my Dad on the roof, a little outside hired help from two dudes in Hillsdale and my "getting-handier-by-the-day" Hubby... it slowly started to transform....

 The door leads to the other side of the barn where we keep the tractor, our patio furniture in the winter, and extra junk.  That is the next project on the agenda - to fix that up!  You'll see further down what it looks like.  The door was actually the side door on our house when we moved in.

Those old kitchen cabinets are from my sister's first house.  They got new ones and can you believe they were going to throw these all on the burn pile?!!!  Thank goodness for my ole' Ma and Pa who rescued them for me and hauled them out to Michigan from Iowa!  Muah!

That scary corner you saw way at the beginning of this post now has a stairway going up to a the hayloft and looks like this:

 Here's the other side of the barn.  Where that door leads to.... and it hasn't really changed a whole lot!

 And what's it look like today?  
Well these are pictures I just took the other night after I organized and cleaned up quite a bit. Couldn't tell, could you? Still have a long ways to go, I know.  But I'm happy with my progress.  Wow.  How does it get so disastrous so fast?!

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 And now you know how I can "go shopping" in my own barn when I'm redoing a room in the house.  Oh, and I haven't even shown you the chicken house.... I've recently designated it the "chair and headboard house."  So super duper excited that spring is here and I can start working out here again!!!!  Which project to tackle first?!


  1. Took me a second look to realize what your little girl was doing (if she was a boy, I might have suspected peeing with that position:-) but she's vaccuuming, isn't she? Awesome!

  2. VERY jealous!! I would love to have that kind of space to work in.

  3. Wow, what a great space, Kammy! You've got a lot of stuff in there, but you still have room to move around. I wish I had half that space to store and work on pieces!

  4. All I'm gonna say is I want a barn. Serious envy. Period.


  5. Your so lucky to have that kind of space!! I paint on my patio in the summer and kitchen in the winter. Why not my garage you might ask..It's full of race cars and motorcycles...Well at least I have happy boys. :)
    You rock!

  6. i have a place to paint finally but its so packed with stuff i can't even open the door all the way...still using porch and inside...the barn looks nice!

  7. This is so awesome! I am so green with jealousy:)

  8. I would love to go shopping in your barn :)
    Found you on Monday mingle. Newest follower. You can find me decorating, baking and painting on HickoryTrail

  9. This is awesome!!! It's bigger than my house! So cool :)


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