Thursday, May 2, 2013

Star Student {Desk Before And After}

 Hey Readers! 
 I've been a little MIA for a few reasons, one big one would be my finger.  It's had a problem.  But it's getting better and I can type again, so that's a blogger relief! The other reason would be that the grass is finally green and growing here and I have a small side lawn business.  The money is much better in that industry than the blogging industry!  That, and I get paid to get a tan. :)

I think this little antique wooden school desk is a pretty self explanatory post, so I'll save my finger and let you see the pictures to see how it all came about. :)  Enjoy!

 I was telling my mom about my vision for this project and that I thought it should have a star on it somewhere.  She insisted that a number was the way to go.  So I combined our ideas and got this:
I made a stencil for the "2" using my tutorial HERE.

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  1. Kammy it turned out awesome! Love it!!

  2. Cute! Love the star/number combo

  3. Your furniture redoes never cease to amaze me! And I LOVE this color blue. It might have been neat to continue the points of the stars onto the part of the chair beneath, but that would have been quite a challenge, I imagine.

  4. This looks amazing! I would love for you to visit me at My Dream Canvas. I am also currently hosting a giveaway from the famous tabletop and giftware brand Mikasa. You can enter to win some pretty dishes :)

  5. The chair looks awesome! love how you combined the two ideas, star and the # together they are a perfect fit!

  6. I love it! The star on the seat is so unexpected, but it looks great.

    You should link this up at DIY Maynia - this week's challenge was thrift store/garage sale projects! :)

  7. I love this desk! The colors look great and I really like the star:) I see these at garage sales all of the time- you have inspired me to try something like this the next time I come across one of these! I am now following you on Pinterest to keep up with your creative ideas:)


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