Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Restaurant High Chair Makeover {Chevron}

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Yup, still have loads of this blue colored paint left!  Some day, I will do a post on all the things I used this paint on.  Several years ago, my mom's neighbor called up and told her that their church was getting rid of a bunch of stuff.  In the stash were several restaurant-style high chairs.  Mom asked if I was interested in one.  But of course!  We have used the daylights out of it!  Since we eat outside on the patio every night in the summer (weather permitting) it ended up just being the "outdoor highchair".  Well, after three kids and plenty of "weathering", it was either fix it up or throw it on the burn pile!  So I sanded it down, and painted it with some homemade chalk paint.  Of course it needed a little design - I can't ever just leave it plain!  Plain is blah.  Plain yogurt, plain fingernails, plain bath water, plain potatoes...  okay, you tell me something that is BETTER plain.  Okays? :)

 I used the homemade stencil I made for this shelf in my craft room:

Though my "baby" has finally outgrown a high chair, I'm still not sure if I should keep it on hand for when guests come to visit, or if I should make more room and sell.  Maybe for the right price.... :)

And since this is for eating, let's talk about eating for like 14 seconds.  I'm very proud of myself.  I just made chocolate malts for all the kids in the blender.  I poured them into their glasses and there was only enough for them.  Chocolate malts are my favorite.  Faaaaaaavoritist guilty pleasure ever.  I could live on them.  I served them and got the ice cream back out of the freezer to make my own.  What am I doing??!!  A few minutes of pleasure is really worth blowing how well I've done so far this week?  Sigh.  I put it back.  So having said all that, if you want to improve your health, (and eat yummy shakes while you're at it)  check out my sponsor:
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  1. Wow! Amazing change, that is adorable!

  2. Wowsa great save. That is so cute and you got to use up some more of that awesome blue paint. If you have friends that have young children I'd say definitely keep the high chair. They'll be so grateful when they come over. So nice of you to think about it before you pitched it or give it away to somebody else that could use it. Happy Days

  3. I also vote to keep it. Even if you don't use it very often, it's wonderful to have it when needed. Looks great.. You could always set a potted plant in it on your patio.

  4. Super cute high chair! I'd keep it! ;) And great will power not eating the ice-cream!!! LOL

  5. Oh my, that is one awesome transformation!!!!!

  6. What a great transformation! I'm working on a similar project and my babies have outgrown it too :-). Feel free to join my link party with this chair. Crafty Country Cottage @ Old Red Barn.


  7. I would never have guessed that was an old restaurant highchair! Love me some chevron ;) haha
    Definitely worth keeping around for a little while at least!

    You should link this up at DIY Maynia - this week's challenge was thrift store/garage sale projects! :)

  8. Adorable! We're past the kids-in-highchairs stage, but I covet this for my little girl to use for her dollies. I'm going to be looking for an inexpensive wood highchair this summer!

  9. I have the same chair. It was from my grandparent's restaurant. My kids have been out of it for six years, but I kept it because a. it was my grandparents and b. we have a lot of guests. Mine sits on the deck year round (under my large eaves) and is looking much like yours did. Great idea! i shall paint it to match the patio furniture and keep it. I nearly put it on Craigslist last week, but got distracted. I am sure glad I didn't!

  10. So adorable!! I love this transformation!

  11. This is great! Just yesterday my husband dismantled our highchair like this so I can paint it. I love seeing what you did with yours and can't wait to get started on mine now!



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