Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Patio Bridal Shower {Yellow & Aqua}

My friend Natalie* is getting married. 
I'm so excited. 
For a few reasons. 
I'm so happy seeing her happy. 
She waited for the right guy. 
I like the guy. 
The guy is moving here instead of stealing her away to his homeland of Canada. Yup, all around positives. Two thumbs up.
And if I had more, they'd be up too.

 *Natalie is wearing heels.  I'm really not that short.
Now I'm not like one of those all-out Pinterest peeps, but I thought we did an okay job of making it cute with a subtle little "love bird" theme and using an aqua blue and yellow combo.
Since my house already has yellow shutters and aqua blue doors, it was just perfect!  One mother told me that when they pulled in our driveway, her little girl exclaimed "Wow Mommy, they painted their house to match the shower!"  I'm not that OCD.  Okay, not OCD at all.

So anyways, here are a few photos from the shower for your enjoyment:
(and this shower was a group effort - 
many thanks to the ladies who helped!)

Framed wedding invite 

I actually climbed on top of the garage to take this next shot, but 

unfortunately, it isn't completely set up.  You see, people were arriving a tad early and I wanted to take some photos before all the guests started filling it up!  (Can we say "procrastination" with a capital "P") ... Hence the lack of adequate seating and the bar stool still sitting in the corner that was there for me to stand on to hang the banner, etc, etc....

Fruit is just so beautiful in itself!

This "cake" idea is straight from Pinterest, and I am so sorry, but I searched and searched for the original source but could not come up with anything that led me to a website.  (If you're on Pinterest, here's your gentle reminder to PIN RESPONSIBLY, DOG GONE IT!!)

Shhhh don't tell but Sam's made the cupcakes.  
Hey, it wasn't my idea, but I'm not complainin'!
One of the creative gals arranged them into the dress and added the bling accessories.  So beautiful and easy!!

Using what I had on hand for centerpieces, I scrounged up every aqua Mason jar I could find, snipped hosta leaves and cut wild Queen Ann's Lace from the back yard.  I also tied jute around each jar - apparently that little haunt that likes to hide things from me when I need them must have hid this jar while I was making sure they all had a pretty and rustic bow....

The head table - can anyone guess what the gifts are hiding/covering up??

 If you said the tunnel the kids are digging to China, you'd be wrong.  Totally fooled you, I know.  Anyways, I laid a large cupboard door over the top of the firepit, and then covered it with a tablecloth which of course, got covered with gifts.  It was the perfect way to make use of the fire pit space and hide it at the same time!

On to the fun stuff!  Bridal shower Mad Libs!!! 
 I'll have to share these in more detail on a later post. :)

A few years ago, I probably wouldn't have dreamt of making the garbage can cute but ya know.... times have changed since Pinterest entered my life.  This is nothing as neat and symettrical as the pendant banner my sister in law made to go around the pergola, but I decided to quick make this an hour before the shower started so it is what it is.  The yellow is actually from an old crib bed skirt, and the striped fabric is a shirt that I thought was super cute on the hanger... but made me look 8 months pregnant in reality.  It is now making trash pretty, rather than me pregnant. Wait... should I rephrase that??

Now hopefully Natalie won't mind, but they are such a HANDSOME couple that I just have to share who all this work was actually for........  give it up for Luke and Natalie!



  1. You did such a wonderful job!! Love the aerial shots. A special shower for a very special lady :)

  2. It was a beautiful shower! {And I appreciate the fact that you climbed up on your garage for the shot ;)} I'm so thankful I was there to help celebrate.

  3. Oh so pretty!!!!! Loved your cute touch on the trash can!!!

  4. SO lovely, this really caught my eye….I wanted to invite you to share this at my linky party going on now. Add as many projects as you like. Hope to see you there…

    Christina at
    Thursday SWEET HAUTE Share Linky Party

  5. Great job! Love the cake dress. And congrats to Luke and Natalie! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  6. What a beautiful shower! I love the cupcake dress cake...what a beautiful idea.

  7. Kammy! What a gorgeous, gorgeous party! I love all of the little yellow and aqua touches, and that cake is phenomenal!! Great job, girly! I popped over from The Shabby Creek Cottage-- thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)


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