Friday, October 11, 2013

A Graduation Gift Gets a Facelift {Lamp Redo}

Four score and twenty years ago.... okay I guess it was fourteen years and a few months ago, I graduated from high school.  I received a dark green lamp as a graduation gift.  Yeah, graduation gift?  What's that, you youngin's ask?  Seems like now-a-days people just give money.  Well a few years ago, people gave you things like towels, lamps, candy dishes... things for your "new" place perhaps. But those were the days before parents bailed kids out and paid for their kids rent because they didn't save enough that month.  Or *work* - gasp!  

So the hunter green lamp matched my home for a few years.  Then I spray painted it red to match new decor.  The spray paint, as you can see below, started looking bad after a few years and this lamp retired to a spot in the barn with other things that are patiently "waiting for an overhaul".  Well, I finally "over hauled it"!

Ain't it beautiful??  
I used chalk paint left over from my piano paint job and I can't believe how good it adhered to the slippery surface!  The shade was a plain one I had bought on clearance a few years ago at Big Lots.

I found this adhesive decorative tape/ribbon on clearance at JoAnn's and it looks super cute on this shade! Talk about EASY.  Just peeled the back off and stuck it in place!!  My kind of shade makeover, right there.

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  1. Very cute! I love the adhesive ribbon--never heard of it before.

  2. This is beautiful. I did not know that chalk paint absorb on glass or metal surface? You did a great job!
    thanks for sharing.


  3. What a great update! It looks like it came out of a Crate and Barrel or Restoration Hardware catalog.

  4. Duh! Chalkboard on a lamp! What a great idea. I never thought about it. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features tomorrow and link up this post (and others)!

  5. I think your lamp redo is beautiful. I have used chalk paint on many different items, baskets, wooden item, tin, etc. but it always dried flat even if I am using a satin paint. I noticed that your lamp has a nice sheen to it. Did you apply some type of finish to it?


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