Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thumb Tack Doll Cradle

This project all started because my determined three year old was determined to paint something and she was also determined it wasn't going to be something in her "paint with water" book.  Nope, she wanted to paint something pink and decided it should be this doll cradle.  She did a fantastic job, if I do say so myself, although I had to do some quality control while the paint was still wet. ;)  

You can buy a pack of three hundred thumb tacks at Dollar Tree for a dollar (duh!).  
I held them with a needle-nose pliers and hammered them in.  Very easy!  No measuring, just eye-balled it.
I used a dark gray paint for the stencil to add even more interest.  I can't handle a blank area like that.  Gotta put something eye-catching in the middle of all that blankness!

And to change things up a bit, I uses a different stencil on one end.  My "famous" lotus DIY stencil that ends up on a lot of stuff here on the Korner.

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