Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bicycle Built For Three {Freezer Paper Transfer}

This morning I told my mom that my stats were scarily low yesterday.
She said "no surprise there!  Every time I go to Kammy's Korner anymore to see if there's anything new, nope!  There isn't!"  Well humph.  I personally thought two or three a day was all gravy baby.  What do you all think is a good amount of blog posts?  Every day?  Once a week?  Once a month?  Somewhere in between?  I've been cutting back on computer time, so I was only doing two or three posts a week, not including the Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday Link party I host each week.  
Anyways, let me know what ya'll think!
Maybe it's just my mom who wants to make sure I'm not wasting my days sipping coffee or soaking in sugar baths......  I promise, Mom.  I'm not. :)

Aunt Dee is a wonderful aunt. 
 She does things like give me her last jar of canned chicken.  Last as in, the last - for the rest of her life last!  She sews frustrating things like egg crate liners for my kitchen.  And she passes down old pieces of furniture to me that nobody else in the family wants.  That's what I call love!
She gave me this once loved little bench.  I was thrilled!  And since discovering recently how easy it is to transfer images from the screen to a piece of wood, I wanted to do it on this.  I'm rather in love with bicycles as you might have guessed from my original tutorial.  This time I went with a three wheeler though.  You can find these lovely images over on The Graphics Fairy.

Since I'm totally not up for doing that whole tutorial for you again, you can view it HERE.

And in case you'd like to see what that bench turned out like, here's a peek at it:

Okay, back to the one we're looking at today!
I simply painted the bottom black, distressed the edges and then sanded the top down, put my graphic on and then put two coats of polyurethane on top to seal it in.

 One last shot....

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  1. Clever. I also like the black paint. It looks smart.

  2. Hi Kammy, saw this at Whatever Goes Wednesday. It turned out beautifully. I would have never though that you could find that beautiful wood top under the old upholstery. I don't think I'll be passing up those horribly upholstered stools at Goodwill anymore. I love the distressed black with the print on the seat, your finished piece looks amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. You've got me spoiled with your daily posts of yesteryear. We'll take it as often as you put em out there! Don't blame you if you want to roll it back a bit.

  4. What a cute little bench and I love that bicycle image you added. I'm featuring it in this week's PoPP Spotlight.


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