Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Book Page Wreath

My good friend Maran use to have a little hobby of making the most beautiful book page wreaths.  I decided it looked pretty easy and had big fail numero uno.  Now while I am known to pull things out of people's trash to upcycle or repurpose, this actually looked like I had pulled it out of someone's trash.  And that's exactly where I put it.  In the trash.

Fast forward a couple of years.  I made a coffee filter wreath.  It turned out better than I imagined it would.  A thought dawned on me.  Why not cut book pages out to be the same shape as a coffee filter?  So that's what I did, using a scalloped edge scissors.  I folded them in fourths and hot glued them into place.  It worked like a charm and I can finally say I've conquered the book page wreath!

My little three year old loves to run the glue gun for me and was totally in to this project.  She had the great idea of putting the red glittery Christmas leaves and holly on the wreath.  It came off of a very "interesting" arrangement my neighbor Bob down the road gave me.

Oh, and someone asked me if  read the story first.  Well, I have to say I certainly wasn't going to... and it would have been easier if I had read it first.... because as I was making this, one of the pictures captured my attention, which made me read the context, which got me totally intrigued and sucked me in.... and I ended up trying to piece pages back together and stayed up until midnight solving the murder mystery.  True story.

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