Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stylish Under-The-Bed Storage

When you have more clothes than will fit in your two dressers, walk in-closet, and the drawers of your nightstand, what's a girl to do?  Get some under-the-bed storage! :)

These roller ball bearings were one of those impulse buys while Neighbor Grandpa and I were browsing the isles of our brand new Harbor Freight Tools.  They seemed like a good price, and I was sure I would need them somewhere... 

Yes, I really did use thumb tacks from the dollar store to hold these in place.  I was afriad screws would crack the already brittle wood on these antique drawers.  I added one to each corner of the drawer and wa-la!  Marvelous!  Oh, I also had to add some white drawer pulls to the fronts since they were MIA.  I happened to have four matching that I found in a garage sale box for fifty cents (woot woot), but only two were white.  Out came the spray paint.

I'm thinking they look meant to be!  Not only that, but they hide some ugly luggage that was being stored under the bed that was otherwise visible upon entering our room.  Not cool, yo.

Here is the dresser these were originally form.  I didn't even paint them!

And why didn't I want the drawers for the dresser?  Well have a look-see, it's our "media" station in the den:

Yes, that's a record player.  Bought at the same garage sale (my sweet friend, Esther's) that I got the dresser from.

click HERE to see the post on this "gutted dresser".

The one on the left holds all my tights, leg warmers, leggings, and belts.  
Yes, I said leg warmers.

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  1. Wow! Love the drawers and your room is fabulous! I'm re-doing one of my girls rooms and I have these colors in mind.

  2. Love this idea! The drawers are much sturdier than most underbed storage containers, & much more decorative if not hidden by a bedskirt. I especially like being reminded to buy stuff like the casters at Harbor Freight. And you can always reunite the drawers to the chest if you ever decide to do that!

  3. Great storage idea. Looks so pretty and functional too.

  4. Great idea...and they look nice, too.

  5. such a great idea.. loved it Kammy <3

  6. Smart idea! This is a great way to add more storage to a room without taking up more space! Pinning this now. Glad I stopped by from Whatever Goes Wednesday!

  7. First of all, this room is stunning. I love how bright and cheerful it is. THEN, you rocked it on a great storage idea. Please stop by our Link it or Lump it party and share!

  8. Genius idea! Now, I just gotta find drawers!

  9. Very pretty and such a great idea! My son's bed sits up pretty high. I should add some kind of storage underneath that!

  10. This is great! Just when I was wondering what you did with the dresser I scrolled down to see another storage idea! I have plastic bins under my bed and they are so tacky. I love this idea because I could really use it!

  11. This is a great idea! The room is gorgeous!
    -Corey from

  12. I love this idea! You can use the dresser in the way you want yet you can put it back together someday if you change your mind... if you're anything like me you change your mind often when it comes to home decor! ;o)


  13. Great idea and that is a beautiful bedroom.

  14. The colours in this entire room make me SO happy.. what a beautiful space! and the storage - so on key!
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  15. This post has saved the day! I'm in need of media storage and under the bed storage...haha! You've inspired me to just find one piece of furniture now! Lovely colours in that bedroom as well. I think it looks beautiful!

  16. Great idea Kammy - but Oh My Gosh - besides that - your bedroom is just gorgeous - what a beautiful job you did!!!

  17. so genius! ball bearer rollers? yes please!


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