Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lisa's Dreamy Nautical Bedroom {Blogless But Creative Friends}

So last time I showed you something from my friend Lisa's home, ya'll were pretty in love!  Did you miss her barstools she covered from throw pillows?  If so, you can see those HERE.  And then how about the pieces of an end table she hung on her wall?? See that HERE.

I promised you that day - way back in NOVEMBER - I had more to bring you from this talented lady and to stay tuned!  Well people, I've finally got my act together to  show off her bedroom - probably my favorite room in her house.  When we were staying there this summer, she gave me a little tour. I asked if she minded  if I grabbed my camera to snap a few pictures.  Thankfully, she only made me promise to give my daughter's hand in marriage to her grandson in return.  (Okay, so maybe not).

Welcome to Steve and Lisa's amazing little oceanistic room in the middle of Ohio.

I would advise you to pay close attention to detail....

like the decorative shells and starfish added to the handles of these bins.

Love all these pieces in front of the faux mantel.

Gorgeous chair, yes?  Yes!

Fun fact: 
The comforter was white before she decided to dye it this beautiful coral orange color!

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Lisa, you're my decor hero.   :)

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  1. I LOVE it! Seriously amazing talent! Simple and very pleasing to the eye.

  2. Beautiful! It looks like a magazine, and nice photography work too! Hard to believe its in Ohio!!

  3. Love the wood paneling... is this an older home? Or just an artfully modified one?

  4. So so pretty! Can't believe she dyed a comforter, I imagine that would be quite a task. The whole room is so relaxing and very well put together

  5. Wow tell Lisa wonderful job, it is beautiful!!

  6. I LOVE that you do this segment of showing your non-blogger friends stuff! It's always interesting and no one needs a blog to show how creative they are!! Anyway, just wanted you to know that! :)

  7. this is amazing! visiting via MMS and hope you'll visit me back: http://hellolovelystudio.com.



  8. I am in love with this room! That bedding and bed combo! WHOA! Lookout! Gorgeous!

  9. Knowing Steve and Lisa, it makes this even more special! She is just amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.


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