Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Living Room Curtains That Were Meant For The Dining Room

I had a gift card to JoAnn Fabrics so I took my mom and we went on a hunt for some new fabric for dining room curtains.  I finally narrowed it down to this beautiful Ikat print:

Home Decor Print Fabric- Swavelle Millcreek Toroli Twill Aqua, , hi-res

And then my wonderful mother bear went to work - sewing them up.  When they were completed, and we were taking down the curtains in the dining room to replace them with these new beauties, it suddenly occured to me that these colors were much more befitting to my living room than the ones I currently had hanging in that room.  We hung them in there instead... and put the "old" living room curtains in the dining room.  They don't match the light blue paint the best, but since our addition, that room has needed a new paint job desperately.  Just haven't bit the bullet to do it yet since there are a seven doors and windows to trim around.  Not what I enjoy, my friend.

So, here they are - hung and finally being shared with you all since it took me three months to iron them!

We decided to use a blue wire ribbon for ties.  This window called for a little bit longer of a curtain than did in my dining room, and the ribbons were the perfect solution to add the needed height.  Plus, I had it on hand from who-knows-what-free-box I pulled it out of.  

The sheer curtains were also added for some softness.  Something just always seemed missing without them.  Not like we really need privacy out in the country, but it looks so much softer and filled in.

See what I mean? 
 Here's what was there (and wasn't!) before:
(And the color of those pillows is clashing so bad I'm making my "eeeeek" face)

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  1. They look GREAT! Love the colors & room, too!

  2. I love them! The ribbons add such a great touch too. I like the window with the sheers as well, looks kinda naked without them. I've totally coveting your floor!

  3. The new curtains look great! Nice pop of color for the room. :-)

  4. Looks amazing!! What a difference a few changes can make. Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two. I am sharing this on my FB page tonight. I hope you hop on over for a visit. :)


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