Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rattan Dining Chairs Makeover {Image Transfer With Freezer Paper}

I picked up this rattan dining table and chair set free on the curb about five years ago.   To see the original post on it from way back in 2010 and when Kammy's Korner was just starting out, click HERE. 

I had originally spray painted them all black (which I will never do again since buying a whole shelf of spray paint isn't exactly my idea of budget-firiendly).  Then I took off the oh-so-cutesy country heart fabric and  recovered the seats in a black striped upholstery fabric.  I was super disappointed with how quickly the black fabric faded on these chairs.  They don't even get direct sunlight!  

Well, not only was I tired of looking at the very faded seat cushions, but they no longer matched the decor that was going on in my dining room.  Which, by the way, is still awaiting a new paint job.  

During thanksgiving, our family traveled to Chicago and my mom and I were able to spend a morning browsing the maze called IKEA.  It shouldn't surprise you that the only things I found to buy were at the very end in the large clearance area.  I found this huge - and I mean HUGE - sectional sofa slip cover on clearance for SIX DOLLARS.  It was so heavy I had a hard time carrying it around.  Okay, so I'm really out of shape. 
 I spread it all out on the floor....

....cut out the thin gray areas where the cushions are supposed to sit and ended up with this very, nice large heavy section of upholstery fabric.

If you read my tutorial on how to transfer images onto furniture using freezer paper, you'll know that you're supposed to use spray adhesive to attach the freezer paper onto a regular piece.  Well shucks, my spray adhesive clogged, stink bomb, so I decided to skip that step and see if I could just run the freezer paper through my printer.  By George, it worked.  Well, until the third one, which got really jammed up in the printer and I had to wait until Hubby got home to get it unstuck since I'm really scared of breaking techy things.  He easily got it out and I breathed easy again.  


I love these old insulators.  I couldn't get mine to sit nicely in the bed springs like I've seen done on Pinterest, so I plopped the springs over top.  I like it.  

I managed to get this one to sit up straight, upside down, if that makes any sense, with a candle in it.  However, I pulled these awesome springs out of an old chair before it got tossed on the burn pile.  Yes, I actually parted with a chair.  You know it had to be baaaaaaaad for me to not salvage it!

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Hmmmm.  Wonder how long this change will last.... :)
Right now, I"m loving this new look!

Special thanks to:
The Graphics Fairy for the awesome "grain" graphic
Amber Yanovich, my neighbor who stuck a free sign on this table and chairs all those years ago!

Have you checked out the new string art kits Nine Red has to offer in his Etsy shop?
All the materials put together in one package so you can have fun creating!

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  1. Wow! I love the graphics you used on the seats, but I'm especially impressed that you bought the slipcover just to reuse the fabric. And I even got to post the first comment! :-)

  2. How cute, Love how they turned out! Cant' beat the price either!

  3. What an amazing transformation! They look amazing! I love freezer paper transfer, but I have never tried it on fabric, awesome!

  4. Wow, you did a beautiful job and I like the transfer you chose too! I would love it if you linked up to The Makers link party going on at my blog right now.

    Hope to see you there!
    -Katie @ Upcycled Treasures

  5. The chairs look amazing! The lighter colored fabric lightens the whole set.

  6. Loving the center piece! Great job on the chairs.

  7. The makeover on the chairs is refreshing! They look great! I think I'm totally going to have to try that printing on freezer paper trick for transferring an image to fabric. That is awesome! Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange!

  8. Wow! Your chairs turned out amazing. I love seeing a good before and after.


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