Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aqua Paper Towel Holder

If it's made out of wood and I can pay for it by returning a few pop cans for a refund, I buy it.
This ugly old stand-alone paper towel holder was desperate.
Unfortunately, the "before" pictures are on the camera that I lost.
Where would I be without Google?
  It helped me out with at least an image of what was under the little chalkboard before I painted it.
That apple from..... 1987?

I used the good ole' homemade chalkboard paint recipe of:

 2 Tablespoons of Plater of Paris dissolved in a few Tablespoons of hot water, stirred into 1 cup of black latex paint.

That aqua paint is from a quart that seems to be the bottomless pit.  (Click on the dresser below for more details on the how I mixed the color).  It just never seems to run out.  I think I'm getting to the end however....  I used it on a few of my thrifty wooden finds and I'm starting to scrape the bottom at last.  I'll be sad and may shed a tear when I finally use the last drop. 
 After painting the paper towel holder, I sanded all the edges down for the shabby chic distressed look I was going for.

Here are just a couple of projects that this aqua blue paint is leftover from:

Not only the pretty chair in my room, but if you can see that huge wall decor peeking  out from around the corner, I believe this paint was also used on that.

And then there's my antique dresser, which was the first thing to wear the never-ending quart of aqua blue paint:

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