Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spray Painted Sticks {Craft Show Display}

When I'm doing a craft show (which is an extreme rarity), I seriiously dislike trying to cram everything on to a table.  So this time around, I put on my thinking cap and hunted around the house.  When my eyes landed on this large vase, I instantly had a vision of what I wanted!

It was so super easy.  Everyone loves easy, right?  I just went out in the yard, and gathered up a few thick sticks that were laying in the snow and then I trimmed off the ends so they were blunt and sturdy.  Wiped them down with a dry rag, and then I gave them a good coat of spray paint.  They dried quickly and I put them in this tall vase: 

As you can see, the vase got the spray paint treatment too.  Although, that was a project from last year!
So happy with how well this worked as a fun and unique way to display my t shirt scarves and necklaces at the Springport Craft Show today!

 In these close-ups, you can see how I snapped off the thin, scraggly ends so they are nice and blunt.

And when not in use as a display in a craft booth, I think maybe I'll keep it here by my fireplace....

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  1. Great idea, Kammy! We have a front yard covered with sticks left over from the ice I should take advantage of the situation before we do a spring cleanup!

  2. I need to do this for my fall and winter mantel decor. Thanks!

  3. I just love using spray paint - so many ways to use it!


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