Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tuxedo Kitty Cat Birthday Party

It's been a big deal around here.  Little Miss Sassy Pants turned four!

She's been asking for an alligator cake for months and finally decided a cat (a tuxedo cat just like our beloved Taffy) would be better.  Yes! (Hey, I was totally prepared to look up alligator cakes on Pinterest!)

So, not being one to go crazy with a party theme, I found just enough touches of "kitty-cat" that our guests would know this was a kitty party.  Tori, of course, insisted on doing "the work".
I've long ago decided that things like this are better for bonding time, than making sure things are "pinterest worthy".  She had a blast and amazingly - we actually worked okay together.

I had bought a HUGE turkey at thanksgiving time when they are super cheap and stored it in the freezer until now.  Yup, I really do that.  I baked the whole bird and used most of the meat for turkey salad sandwiches.  The skewers I actually bought (unopened) at a garage sale for 25 cents last fall.  I knew I'd need them for something someday! :)

The kitty-cat ear plates are an idea I found on Pinterest HERE.  Mine are not near as cute however, since again, my little girl wanted to do them!  :)

We also played a cat-themed game of Pictionary on a large chalkboard.  
Some of the words we had to draw and guess in the allotted time were:

litter box
tuxedo cat

Since we were also celebrating Tori's great aunt's birthday, I decided she needed her own cake, too.  Especially since she has a schnauzer named Lindsey.  
So it was a Taffy (our cat's name) for Tori, and a Lindsey for Lois. 

The "real life" Taffy and her adoring "big sister" Tori:


  1. I love it! Happy Birthday to your little cutie!

  2. Kammy, you make memories which, trust me, endure longer than kitty cakes and turkeysaladsandwichesmadefromwholeturkey that get digested in a day. What’s more, you have beautiful pictures of the whole shebang. You amaze me Kammy. I wish I had been a mother like you.

  3. I love it! My three year old has requested a kitty cake now, lol. Thats what I get for checking out my favorite blogs with the kids hanging over my shoulder.


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