Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Me n' Dad {Happy Father's Day}

If I'm with my dad and we aren't doing a home improvement project together, then there's usually something adventurous going on!!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Love you more than I could ever express.

He's gotten me to spelunk (go caving)....

pushed me to ride my bike a whopping 95 miles in ONE DAY.......

takes time for slower extra curricular activities every now and then like mini golf (mostly because he couldn't "real" golf if his life depended on it)......

Keeps me in shape, but buys me ice cream every now and then......

Always promised me a nice, easy ride when I was a kid but could just never keep that promise and we always managed to end up jumping out of ditches with me screaming and pounded on his leg.....

Listens to me when I tell him how to dress.....
(Anyone notice something creepy about this picture?  Hee hee...)

 Has summited several mountains with me (or me with him!)

We've probably biked thousands of miles together over the years.....

Nothing like the bond between a Dad and his daughter!

Thanks for everything.  You are an amazing Christian Dad and I appreciate being able to go to you for any advice, any time of the day.  Too bad there are 500 miles between us, but so thankful for cell phones which made the "long distance call" obsolete!

Update: Dad almost died in a drowning accident 
in the ocean in January - read the true story here:


  1. Great tribute, Kammy! You are one blessed girl, and he is one special dad!

  2. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy your Dad. Great photos. I must say, he looks like he is aging very well!!

  3. It is so wonderful to see a father daughter relationship like yours now days. Thanx for sharing.
    It's all loverly! Jo from Anne's Attic - Design

  4. So sweet! And you have one very youthful looking dad!


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