Thursday, June 12, 2014

Made-To-Look-Rustic Sign

For this project, I used some left over boards from who-knows-what house project.  I cut them all the same lengths, staggered them, and stained them with a dark walnut finish from Minwax.  I actually rubbed it on with a rag, rather than using the foam brush shown in the photo.  I'm lazy and steal photos from other posts. :)

Originally, I just put two support boards on the back.  NO CAN DO.  It shifted back and forth pretty bad and was anything but sturdy.  So a third board in the middle did the trick.  So to save you from guessing, you need to have three supports in the back, and a screw screwed  into EACH horizontal board. for a total of twelve screws (if you're using four boards of course).  

Then  I just stenciled on my letters, and the bird.  Yes, I know I'll probably get some flack from someone out there for not connecting the letters after stenciling.  But... whatever.

I had this for sale on Etsy, but now that I'm moving to a house with three fireplaces, I think I'll find a spot on one of the mantels for it!  No to renewing the listing in the shop for now. :)

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  1. You are in the process of moving to your dream home I think you are excused for not connecting your stenciled letters. I really like the look of them now though.


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