Monday, July 21, 2014

Marie, Queen Of The Curb {Blogless But Creative Friends}

 Marie is one of those gals that always finds the good stuff on the curb.  While some of us are scrounging around saving the only thing salvageable off of pressboard desks like drawer pulls, Marie is hauling off big heavy duty buffets and such.  By herself.  She's a beast. (A pretty lady one).  I think I would have buckled under the weight of just a couple of the drawers and stuck with the pulls myself.  But Marie has muscles to go with her determination and managed to get this thing into the back of her SUV without the help of her mighty man Matt.  Or random strangers walking by like I've managed to loop in to helping me on such endeavors...

 Now if painting nice wood finishes makes you squirmy and turn blue, then look away.  But for the less faint of heart.... let's see what she turned this piece in to:

And if you ask her how she achieved this finish, I can almost guarantee she'll say something like this: "Oh I just threw a bunch of paint colors together I had on hand and slopped them on like this, and like so, and wa la!  Easy as pie!"

So now take your eyes off of the storage cabinet filled with wonderful garage sale toys for her grandkids and my kids and random kids to play with and look up to the "REDEEMED" Sign.  Can anyone guess what it was in it's previous life?  Three cheers and a knuckle punch if you guessed one of those cheapy full size mirrors.  Yes, Marie is the queen of upcycling.  She thoroughly explained to me how she did it, and if I could remember I would totally give you a tutorial.  But I'm old and forgetful with a slight touch of ADD and can't remember.  (Hey, it was like two months ago that I took these photos and she gave me the low down.  Have mercy on me!)


Knowing Marie, by the time this blog post goes live, she will have painted this a different color and/or moved it to a totally new location in her house.  She's like that.  She must have a touch of ADD, too.  She claims it's her husband with the disorder... but all of us who know Marie and her home decor know that "it takes one to know one."  :)

Thanks, Marie, for letting me share some more of your fabulous work today!

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  1. Wow! That Marie truly is awesome. I love the buffet.

  2. Love the layered colors - beautiful!

  3. Love what she did with this! Thanks for visiting Night Owl Corner....just stopping by to check out your blog too!


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