Friday, July 18, 2014

What a month can do {Restoring the Lefere Mansion}

With the help of some awesome friends and family.... we've been making progress on restoring the "Lefere Mansion".  I haven't been without my doubts about buying this place on an online auction but I know it'll be worth it soon (someone give me a definition of soon)!  
Here's are a few photos to show you how far we've come.  Enjoy from a far or feel free to roll up your sleeves and join us for an hour or two. :)

About a month ago, this is what you saw outside:

Yay for an almost-finished metal roof on the garage!

And Tobin's room had a boat load of wallpaper and beautiful carpet a little over a month ago....

But with hours and hours of steaming wallpaper and renting a sander and staining and varnishing and painting.....

Oh this kitchen is going to be feeling so naked without all it's covering!

I guess I haven't taken a more updated photo of this area, but here's what was happening a couple of weeks ago:

I was told this was Mrs. Lefere's "doggy bathroom".  Cuz it just wouldn't be right to let people use a bathroom that had a toilet the puppy loved to drink from! :)

If you have anger issues, this is a good place to take some of that out!
Bye, bye, Doggy Bathroom.

And that, foks, is what can happen in a month.  Stay tuned - Hubby is putting in long hours, God bless his "DIY-hating" soul!  I owe him mac and cheese with hotdogs for the rest of his life.  Gag. :)


  1. I LOVE the floors, and holy wallpaper batman! Way to go Miss Kammy. Keep up the good work.

  2. Without even seeing inside pictures..when we drive by it looks so much better then before. It is more then obvious that someone is taking care of it and making it look beautiful again. :)

  3. Tobins room looks incredible! Love seeing all the amazing work you are doing :-)

  4. Wow, what a huge project! I can't imagine taking on something as big as that, but it'll be gorgeous when it's finished!

  5. I love this place! What I wouldn't give to have a garage and barn like that!
    Keep it up, you will see light at the end of the tunnel….even if it is a long tunnel


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