Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Austin's Senior Portraits: This Amateur Photographer Strikes Again

I make my husband real nervous when I agree to take someone's senior pictures. I'm not a professional by any means, nor do I have a very high quality camera!  But I've found that if I shoot under an overcast sky and stay outside, it all falls together nicely.  :)  I'm sure "real" photographers will look at these quite critically - but please cut me some slack!  I really do not claim to know what I'm doing! 

Here's a sneak peak ofa few shots I got of my husband's first cousin once removed (got that?).

  Another awesome thing about living at the "Lefere Mansion"?  All the great photo opps!

This is standing in the doorway of our old Dutch Windmill
Don't touch the poison ivy!

 Someday, I will show you some recently acquired photos of what this stone bridge and the beautiful waterfalls and cement pond that surround it once looked like!  Amazing!  Sigh.... :)

 And wish me luck as I do my first family photo shoot today!! 
 I'm praying for overcast skies and a steady hand. :)

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