Sunday, November 30, 2014

Aqua Blue Dresser Vignette {Family Room}

I'll be honest.  When Cilla first gave the old scripture text to me, I was thinking "oh dear".   Pretty, but so outdated.  She had gotten it from her mother in law (one of my fave ladies) when she moved, and then Cilla moved and no longer had a spot for it.  But not being one to turn down stuffage, I took it home with me.  

I had no intentions of keeping it the way it was but... it seemed to just fit in this spot!  I loved it just the way it was!  The vintage feel, gorgeous old script...   But then I second guessed.

Sometimes, you just need a second and trusted opinion.  When I need that, I snap a photo and shoot it off to interior designer my friend Maran in Chicago.  The question was, "I got this old framed scripture text from a friend who thought I could repurpose it.  I decided to hang it up 'as is'.  What do you think?  Keep it or does it need to go?"

 Since she didn't get back with me until I was almost ready to hit the "publish" button on this post... I left it as is.   Her comments when she did get back to me today?  Probably should change out the frame!  SO.... I probably will eventually, but I needed something to fill in the gap quick there, so this is how it is for now. :)  And I already had the photos for this post ready to go.  If you're a blogger, you know what I'm talkin' about.

This Gorgeous - with a captial "G" -  dresser was given to me.  I've made friends with a parentof one of Tobin's classmates and met their super sweet mom at a craft show.  She just so happened to have some furniture to get rid of and I scored this awesome piece!  It was pure torture however, because she had a lot more but since we were in limbo with selling our house and moving into this one, Hubby said I could only get FOUR THINGS.  I may have cheated a tad...  I mean the two chippy little children's chairs were a pair so they counted as one....  same with the matching nightstands. 
The only thing wrong with this dresser was one of the drawer pulls was broken off.  Thankfully, she had saved it in the drawer so all I had to do was glue it back on!  She assumed I would paint the piece, but since it is already my favorite color, I decided a cleaning was good enough.  

Now this cracky old leather chair wasn't free, but super close.  I can't even remember what city we were in and why but no matter where you are, it's always a good idea to check out the Goodwill!  This comfy, reclining leather chair was FIVE dollars.  I'll admit.  Even I was nervous to buy a big leather chair for five dollars.  But really... if the hubby was for it - than so was I!  It's turned out to be a great sitter!  Maybe someday when I'm bored, I'll google how to "fix" those cracks in the leather.  That translates to "I will never fix the cracks".

Since this uber cozy shag rug is where my kids like to wrestle hang out, all of their favorite games are in the drawers of the dresser for easy access to fun. :)

  The coral I bought from a destitute-looking man hawking his wares on a beach in Mexico.  He assured me He actually dove down himself and brought it up from the depths of the sea.  I'm not sure about that, but I do think I got a fairly good bargain on it.

I'm pretty about excited about the hydrangeas.  My mom cut a bunch and somehow I managed to get them all the way from Iowa.  Loved them so much that I wished I had about four times the amount.  A few days later, my wish came true!  I pull into my sweet neighbor lady's driveway and low and behold, she's cutting all the dead hydrangea flowers off her bushes!!  I scooped up a bunch and took them home.  (With her permission of course!)

So thanks to Kay for the beautiful aqua blue antique dresser which I adore, Cilla and Grandma Buck for the text (done by E. Vallance), my neighbor Barb for the hydrangeas, and the little Mexican diver for the coral. I couldn't have gotten it myself.  Ha.  Ya'll have made my family room a little cuter. :)

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  1. You really scored on that chair! And the dresser, and the coral, and the hydrangeas...I could go on. I love the paint color of your room. I'm thinking of updating our living room and that would be a great shade.

  2. You're welcome, Kammy. I'm so happy that you like it. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person later this week when I come for a visit.

  3. i love this colour!!!

    ps. kisses from Poland:*

  4. I love the color myself, it's so soothing. That's a great little spot for the family games!


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