Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Waterfall Dresser Woes {Before & After}

Is a piece of furniture destined to an uphappy fate if the drawers are missing or shot?  Nay I say, a million times "NAY!"   In the case of this waterfall dresser, mice had taken over and nested so long in them I couldn't rid them of "mice stink"!  Yeah seriously.  Gross, I know.  My friend Maran was seriously disgusted with me I'm pretty sure as I determined I was going to clean it up and use it.

I got it for $5 at a garage sale a few years ago and inspirition just never really hit so it sat taking up space in my barn, where of course, the mice found it!

I can't even believe I managed to drag it to our new place with us.  After pulling out drawers, my kiddos helped me scour it, inside and out.

The top and bottom drawers were goners so I had hubby install a shelf on the top for me using a chunk of scrap wood, which I sanded smooth and painted white, like the rest of the old dresser.


Close up, this is by no means a gorgeous finished product.  When stripping off a layer of veneer on top, some from the next layer came off as well.  Did you know that eventually the layers of veneer come to an end?  I'm not sure why I've always felt like there was an endless amount... that one didn't look so hot or has a gouge?  Take it down to the next one.  Well, whoops.  Using the hot iron and wet rag method,  I went down to what I'm pretty sure was the last of the last, leaving some cracks that I really regret.  Ah well.

  I also didn't fix the corners of chipped veneer on the drawer corners, but just painted over them.  Maybe someday I'll fix those if I so feel like it.  This may just be a temporary piece in the guest room until I find a finer, quality piece since my fine high quality mom spends a lot of time in this room and I wouldn't want her to have to use this for the rest of her live-long days while visiting!

Found this bust the other day in a thrift shop and couldn't leave without it:

I suppose some Rub n' Buff would make these handles happier, but they're pretty cool in their original state:

And a side by side:

Here's another dresser without drawers that I did a few years back which is my kid's "media center":

And I still love this dresser without drawers from Camera's And Chaos, who turned it into her fabric storage:

Have a GREAT DAY and I hope you're staying warm wherever you are!!  We are in single digits here in Michigan and I know some of you are even colder - like my home state of Iowa who had numerous school cancellations because of frigid temps.  Hurry spring!!!! :)

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  1. I love it, imperfections and all, and the bust is just awesome! Your guest room is so sweet.

  2. I was given a chest of drawers once- it was originally 4 drawers, but missing one... sort of a cheap set, so rather than make it shelving... and since all the drawers were the same size(that's important as some drawers are bigger than others)
    I just moved them all to the top and used a jig saw and cut the bottom off! It was way before obviously no pictures, but I removed trim and replaced it. It makes a lovely bedside chest, since it's on the short side now. ;)
    I like yours-- and I bet your mom, loves just about anything you do!
    The inspiration photos are cute too.
    came here via MRL

  3. Call me crazy, but I almost love the dresser without the two drawers more than with all of the drawers in place! You do amazing work :)

    xoxo, SS

  4. I have two waterfall bedroom sets that we "inherited". Not sure if I'm going to bother to remove the veneer before I paint it. The whole project has been a big thinking process. I think you did an excellent job making great use of the dresser without the two drawers.

  5. It adds so much interest when drawers are missing and you have to be creative. I love what you've done with each piece!


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