Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sprucing Up Little Garage Sale Shelves

If I can drop coins for something, and it can be painted, then I'm dropping coins and painting!!

We've all been to those garage sales where there's little out-of-date doo-dads, shelves, plaques, whatever,  for a quarter.  I pick up so much of that stuff, it all runs together after a while.  Mom and I were having fun creating the other day and had the paint out so I decided to give this little guy a quick makeover.  After painting it white, I attached chicken wire to the back.

Now normally, I despise working with chicken wire.  It gets bent and wonky, it's sharp when you cut it and can slice your skin, and it can be difficult to nail down, staple down, etc.  UNTIL....  I got this Ryobi airgun - NO - air STAPLE gun.  Oh man, it is slick as a soccer coach whistle.  You just have to make sure you shoot the staple straight down so it doesn't go jutting out the side of the wood!  Cuz once you shoot it in, it's IN.

Now look how CUTE!  

We staged it a couple of ways... first as a little cosmetic (finger nail polish!) shelf:

Oh, maybe I should pause and show you the little hooks we screwed in?  Little key chain hooks.  I have no idea what the technical term for these is.

Spice rack?  Measuring spoons?  Sure!
I like it like that, too!


We also did one with keys, matches, tape, flashlight.... but my picture turned out dumb.
I shouldn't say dumb.
On our looooooooong drive to Florida for Spring break, this conversation happened:

8 year old: MOM!  He called me a DUMMY!!!
Me: Okay I think it's time for all of us to say something positive about each other.
10 year old (to 8 year old): You have a good dummy face.

Ummm....  try again.

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