Saturday, April 1, 2017

Little White Night Stand Beautified With Stenciled Sides

This cute little gal started out bright red and was not needed in the church nursery anymore.  Nobody wanted it except of course, yours truly!
I forgot to get a before pic, but you can see the red as it's getting primed and it doesn't take too much brain power to envision how it looked.

You know I have a hard time leaving something plain, so after it got freshly bathed in white, I dug through my stencils, and landed on this one - the same one I just used on the french provincial nightstands.  Maybe I figured since that project did so well on Pinterest, the stencil was good luck.  Or not...?  I'm aware that this little project isn't quite as exciting as those... ;)

So using that stencil and some light gray acrylic craft paint... I did the sides, taking probably only about twenty five minutes to accomplish.  
I love adding those little details to make a cute little piece extra special! :)

Oh, and I gotta say something about that rug.  Our K-Mart closed it's doors last weekend, which I could really shed tears over, but the exciting thing was I found so many bargains that last sad store-closing day!  My mom and I were loading our cart and almost done canvassing the store when everything switched from 80% off the entire store to 90% off.  I went back and just started grabbing these rugs.  They ended up being about $1.50!!  I got them in gray stripe and navy stripe.  Not to mention cute shoes for $1.50, fleeces, skinny jeans, and all sorts of other stuff!!! Big bottles of conditioner for 39 cents?  Stock up!!   I saved $486 and spent just over $50.  That will make any frugal girl swoon! :)

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  1. Whoa! You cleaned up in more ways than 1!!! If we lived in MI I would buy it for our granddaughter's nursery! But as I'm in Indiana & she's in GA, I'll just have to steal your idea! ;-)


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