Thursday, February 26, 2015

10 Minutes To Cute {Chair Face Lift}

Got 10 minutes?  Got a chair with an ugly upholstered seat cushion?

Now all you need is a scissors, staple gun, and some cute fabric!

Get going:

1. Flip the chair over and unscrew the screws holding the seat on
2.  Cut the fabric out by using the seat as your pattern - place the seat face down in the middle of your fabric (make sure your fabric is wrong side up), leaving a couple of inches on all sides so you have enough to fold over and staple.  Always better to have more than not enough, so be generous.  If the original fabric is gross, rip it off.  It it's clean but just ugly, you can leave it on and go right over top of it with the new
3.  Pull it tight and start stapling by putting a staple in the middle of each side, then do the corners, then fill in all around the edges, keeping the fabric pulled tight so there are no wrinkles or looseness when you flip it over.
4. Screw the seat back on!  Add a couple more minutes if you're like me and can't remember where you set the screws down...


Now know this post is extremely elementary, but believe it or not, there was a time in my life when I wouldn't have known how to do this!  You gotta start somewhere.... so if you're one of those just starting out, this is for you! :)

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  1. Your chair looks lovely! Pretty fabric. I just did this with my piano bench. It was so easy! And I love it!!

  2. What a change a few minutes can make. Love it!

  3. Awesome transformation! Isn't it amazing what a little fabric can do to a chair? Great job!


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