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Fireplace #3 All Shabby Chic {Master Bedroom}

{Updating the Lefere Mansion}

Fireplace #3

I hope you're not all getting tired of the "Fireplace Frenzy" over here on Kammy's Korner!  I was on a big kick to make all my fireplaces beautiful and so here is the last and final one!  This one had the least amount of work done to it.  Just a little paint to hide the dated flower tiles, and some decorating!  Although, the mantel shelf is still in need of some serious repair... but we're not sure what to do about it yet so for now it's all covered up with my big collage of shabby chic frames, mirrors, and milk glass vases.

So many people told me they loved the paint color in this room.  Including my hubby who was slightly annoyed I had my mind set on painting it.  It looked dark purple to me.  He thought it was dark gray.  Most others thought it a dark brown.  It was purple I tell you, and it clashed badly with my aqua blue dresser!  It had to go.

As did the flowers on the tile surrounding the fireplace opening!  I used Zinsser Perma White on the tiles, same paint I used on the granite {gasp!} surround on my other two fireplaces.  You can see them HERE and HERE.

After my little Ty the Guy vacuumed and cleaned out all the cobwebs and dirt on the inside, I painted it a dark gray I had on hand.  The dry bricks just soaked the paint right now.  And now I have a confession to make.  
Painting the inside of fireplaces IS SO SCARY.
I'm sure the moment my hand reaches into that dark scary space there is some scaly, scary monster that is going to reach down and grab me with an iron grip.  Or at the very least, an enormous hairy hungry spider is just waiting to drop down on a women's hand and have a feast.  AHHHHHH, I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it!  BUT also very proud of myself for facing my fears to get the job done.  Although, don't bend down and look in it, because I didn't go up as high as I should have.  I could feel the monster's breath and had to stop.

Whoever stole all the sconce lighting out of this house while it sat empty ought to be beamed with them.  Then again, maybe they were ugly and they did me a service.  I found these rustic metal ones at Lowes.  The frames and mirrors were all things I had on hand and were stashed away up in my attic.  It's great to have a stash to go to.  I never have to buy things to decorate!  This makeover actually didn't cost me one trip to the store, which means not one penny out of my pocket, either! Oh wait, I guess the lights.  But does that count since we put those in six months ago? :)

I knew I had kept all those scraps of fabric for something!  I screwed two hooks into the mantel and tied the jute rope in a knot on each one.  I love the pop of color it brings amidst all the white!

I was actually inspired by The Logbook to make a Rag Garland.  
She had linked this cute little wall decor up to my Trash 2 Treasure Party a couple weeks ago and even though I used rags and it looks totally different, I used her simply instructions on how to loop the strips over the twine:

Create a no-weave yarn wall hanging for your home with only 3 supplies!
Yeah I know, most people probably wouldn't look at her cute yarn wall hanging and think "Rag Garland!" But I'm glad I did. :)  Thanks for the inspiration, Becky!

My mom gave me this darling little antique milking stool a few years back.  It was too cute to be sitting in the dark and scary basement, which is where it's been residing.  (Are you getting the feeling that I don't like the dark?)

Oh, and don't bother asking me the paint color is on the walls.  Like most of the other colors on my walls it's a Kammy's Korner special.... meaning a little of this mistint from my basement stash, and a little of that one... stirred together until I get a likable shade.

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  1. Hello there Kammy, I just put together a collage with super awesome inspiration on how to decorate with old windows on my blog Little Brags . I used a picture of yours with the source link back to you. Please come visit and if you do not want me to use your picture for any reason , please let me know and I will remove it asap. Thanks a bunch. Christine

    1. Yeah girl!! Anytime anyone links back is great news for me. :) Thanks!!

  2. It looks amazing! I love the layered white frames!

  3. Hi Kammy,

    Your fireplace turned out great! Love how you decorated the mantle and the lights are so cute!

    Seeking Lavender Lane

  4. Super cute! And thanks for the mention lady ;)

  5. What kind of paint did you use on the fireplace tiles

  6. First of all, I'm loving all of your fireplace redos! I'm getting so much great inspiration for my future home :) Also, your rag garland is perfect...what a great way to use up leftover fabric scraps!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. Love it! I am glad you painted the walls they look way better! I think our imaginations run the same way...I was breaking into a sweat just hearing you describe painting the inside of the fireplace! Eeek! I love it all down to the frames and the cute rag garland, and the scones!! Beautiful!

  8. Oh my Heck Kammy I'm LOVING the assorted frames. So awesome looking, and good call painting those hideous tiles.

    Sarah @ Backwoods Babies

  9. Love your style!!! Very elegant and clean arrangement of stuffs. The fireplace and nearby items matched with the wall color.
    Check ventis


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