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Bathroom #2 {The Little Girl's Room}

{Restoring The Lefere Mansion}

Bathroom #2 - Girl's bathroom

It's every girl's dream: to have her very own bathroom!  Right?
Or maybe it's every brother's dream, that his sister have her own bathroom!  Yeah, that might be more like it.

Here is what we've done on Tori's little bathroom so far:

The red wallpaper was covered in little horses.
There was a sconce light over the toilet that is no longer there, and I have no idea why.  That must have been the hubby and the electrician's idea without consulting me.  Whatevs.  Didn't even realize there had been a light there until I looked at this picture!

The toilet is covered in plastic because the house was winterized and in foreclosure when we bought it.
This was the last of the six bathrooms we hooked up, and man did we get the surprise of our lives after Tori took a bath for the first time.  It all backed up and there was "poopy water" pouring all over the basement floor.  Let me tell you, that was one panicky call to my hubby that sent him scurrying home from work in the middle of the day!!  I'd rather not relive those memories.

Call me out of it, but I didn't even realize at the time that the hexagon tile flooring is totally "the thing" right now!  Woo hoo!  There are a few rusty and discolored spots on it though that I need to work at getting white again.

We had a steamer rented to take the wallpaper off and this room looked nothing short of a crime-scene while we were in the wallpaper removal process!  There was also limited electricity at this time so the lamp is plugged in to an extension cord that ran all the way through the long upstairs and down to the kitchen.

Wallpaper gone, new wiring for a light fixture, holes patched up....  ready to paint!

Using mistints from my stash of paint in the basement, I came up with a pretty aqua blue for the walls and ceiling.  Don't you love the subway tiles on the walls?  All of it is original.  Unfortunately, some of the ceramic pieces coming out of the wall are busted off.  I'm assuming maybe the one over the toilet had a shelf on it at one time.

I love finding places to display the kid's artwork - if you can call their coloring pages artwork. :)
At our old house, I had these up in the "Crazy Kid's Avenue" hallway which you can see HERE.

There had been two doors going into this bathroom, but when we bought the house the previous owners had walled over the doorway leading out into the hallway.  They put shelves in where the door had been which was a great idea in my opinion! The other side of the door is still just a piece of raw plywood in the hallway.  My plan is to turn it into a giant chalkboard for the kids.  The paint has been sitting next to it for the last month.... I should probably do that someday soon.  But I've been reading some really good books lately... and painting has taken a back seat.  As has cleaning, cooking, kids, sleep, breathing.....

Right now, an almost five year old doesn't need much in her bathroom.  But I know with each year, her "needs" will grow and these shelves will probably fill up fast!

Aren't these old faucet knobs the coolest?  The one on the left is missing it's "hot" label, but I found them for sale on Etsy and I just need to bite the bullet and order one. :)  It sort of goes against my grain to have to "buy" anything.  Sigh.

From her bedroom, looking into her sweet little bathroom.
Can bathroom's be sweet?  Hmmm.

Well, there you have it.  Except for the big hole in the ceiling where the heat vent is.  We can't seem to find a grate that fits the size we need.  Humph.

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  1. I love seeing what you guys are doing with this home. My goodness, what a big undertaking! The bathroom is adorable - perfect for a girl! I agree - the shelving is a great idea - you can never have enough. Especially when you have a sink without storage under it. LOVE the transformation!

  2. Yes, what a SWEET and adorable little girl's bathroom. Loving the artwork display!

  3. I love Tori's suite - she is a lucky girl!!!!!!

  4. What a huge difference, great job! And I love the artwork!

  5. That wall paper, what a mess! This is a sweet bathroom and the art work is priceless!

  6. How cute! I love that you framed and huge their coloring sheets! So sweet!

  7. What an incredible makeover!!! I am glad you kept many of the original/vintage elements of the room ( like the subway tile and octagonal floor tile). It is very charming.
    Michelle from

  8. How incredible!! I love the nice touches and colors. Absolutely fun. I can't get over the before and afters!!

  9. It is so adorable. Love the faucets.


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