Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Belt Strap Pulls on a Two Tone Dresser

My friend Sarah gets me.  She get's that I like junk!  But half of the stuff she asks me if I want before it goes to Goodwill, really isn't junk!!  Take this dresser for instance.  Yes please!  I think it was her hubby's from when he was a wee 'ittle lad. He must not have taken it to college or yonder with him because I picked it up one fine afternoon at his parent's house.

When we moved to our new house this summer, my son could not fit his behemoth dresser in his much smaller bedroom so I drug this out of the shed and there it sat, in it's "before" state all fall and winter long.  His underwear and socks really didn't seem to mind, but since I had paint on my brush from his desk, I decided the dresser may as well be next!

I wanted to go for the two-tone look and keep the drawer fronts wood, cheap and scraped up as it was, so I took to the Old English bottle.
That stuff is like an eraser.  I squirt some on a rag, rub over scratches and... they almost disappear right before your very eyes!  Maybe it wouldn't seem quite as magical if the light bulb in the room wasn't burned out.

The top was this cheap plastic-y veneer, so I left that alone, afraid any paint I applied would just scratch off.  It's usually covered up with his junk  treasures anyway.

So where's the creativeness in this piece?  
Once upon a time, I saw curtain finials and all sorts of other things that I'm not sure the use for in a bin at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with an EXTRA 90% off sign.  I didn't know where I would ever use them, but I bought them all, by George!  Well turns out, if the thing you're trying to put between the finial decorative head and the screw isn't too thick, it will work as a drawer knob!  Yessirree, I've used them on several occasions for a drawer pull or knob!

Then I asked my Hubby if he had an old belt I could cut up.  Using the same screw holes the old pulls were in, we screwed the cut up belt pieces in to place.  I've seen it done by numerous times by other bloggers, and have always wanted to do that myself!

It still didn't seem totally complete, so I stenciled on the numbers.  My son did  not get the numbers at all.  His desk has an 06 on it, which makes total sense because it's the year he was born.  But 01, 02, and 03?  Whateverrrrr, Mom!


A peak at the before and after side by side. :)

And an image for you to pin! 

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  1. Love it!! I really love the belt handles - GREAT idea!!

  2. The belt handles are such an original idea!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. So well done! I love the belt as handles and the numbers. You are so clever...I've been following you for awhile and enjoy you projects! Thank you for sharing at our Project Challenge!! ;)

  4. looks great... I have one that looks almost like the before Thanks for the idea for my sewing room storage

  5. That turned out so well. After seeing what people do with so-called-junk. I think I need to go out a find my own to transform. Beautiful job!

  6. Oooo... this is great! I'm hoping to refurbish a similar piece. Can you tell me what color you used for that navy paint? I really like it!


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